What do the moles in women's face represent for?

You might get rid of the moles in the face due to appearance. But the moles could tell your personality and good fortune in the future. If you removed them hastily, which might produce exactly the opposite result and bring you bad luck. Of course, here called "mole" is about 0.5 cm big, floating to the surface of the skin, black and shiny, this "mole" is called "live mole."

First. Forehead --- cautious, practical, a good wife and loving mother

Forehead implies affection and a person's whole fortune. Woman with moles on forehead could live with much parental love, so she would care for others too, and care about anything with fair attitude. Although she might not be very prominent, but very connotive, a really gentle female. I believe many men would like you. Do not worry, you'd better pick a suitable lover. You would become a good wife and loving mother after marriage. Also you would be helpful to your husband, so you could well catch your husband's heart. You could be regarded as the standard "wife" in the eyes of others.

Second. Eyebrows --- delicate, considerate, comprehensive

Eyebrows are on behalf of a person's personality, mental. Woman with moles on eyebrows would have subtle and refined sensibility. She would be very careful and could give everything for the family and her husband. She would dedicate her entire life without expecting anything in return. She would also be eager to build a happy family. Especially the woman with moles on the eyebrows would live a very rich life. Woman with moles between the eyebrows would have quite artistic talent, and could do very well both at work and family. She would be suitable to be engaged in music, painting and other art work.

Third. Eyes --- full of feminine charm, attract men unconsciously

A person's eyes reflect the psychological, but also are the most attractive place. Woman with moles around the eyes would be the most attractive in men's eyes, me would have themselves entirely at her feet. Because she has a vain person with high consumption, so she couldn't fall in love with a poor man. Especially woman with moles in the corner of the eyes would have this tendency, she might marry into a wealthy family luckily. Also woman with moles in the lower eyelid would have very good wealth fortune without worrying about food and clothing. She would also have very rich spiritual life.

Fourth. Nose --- cheerful, positive, good karma

Nose means a person's action, motivation. Woman with moles on the nose would be lively, cheerful, positive, and would not be depressed even for a little setback. She would always think positive. Of course she would have full of joy and laughter. She would be attractive to both men and women, so her popularity would be very good. She would form a warm and happy family after marriage. Especially woman with a mole on the bridge of the nose would have more submissive personality. While woman with a mole on the nose is needless to worry about food and clothing lifetime.