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The eyebrow of physiognomy

On the brow of ancient books with words. 'Brow as the two heads of the canopy, in fact, ~ surface of dignity, is the sun and moon Yinghua, master Xian Yu distinguished. "The importance of the eyebrow, should not be overlooked. Eyebrows like a person emoticons, character mark, with the most sensitive to subtle way to convey a person's temperament, style and emotional response. Most beautiful eyebrow should look clear lubrication, radian Naturally, this means that a person's inner world harmony and calm. course, most people have one pair of eyebrows with their own personality, and sometimes can be acquired through trimming to regulate their own personality.

Curly eyebrow

Curly eyebrow, eyebrows curled, ancient Lohan eyebrow that is suitable for a monk of the people, however, if the eyebrow is incomplete, on behalf of the person thinking is simple, there is no logical, straightforward, kind and considerate human enough, but if you encounter influential people will be flattering.

Warriors eyebrow

Triangle is also known as the Warriors eyebrow eyebrow, usually the killer or warriors, have this big eyebrows, such a person resolute and decisive, not afraid of setbacks, like the self-centered.

parallel eyebrow

parallel eyebrow image block that is the way the word, but also the thickness of the points. Thick Brows man, courageous, strong willpower, talking loud and harsh. Fine Brows people, stubborn, impatient to do things, but also those who may become wise.

Character eyebrow

Character eyebrow, eyebrows have this person must upright. However, if the roots of the eyebrows is not clear enough, then in his early thirties, the work will not go well. In addition, old books, he says, there are character eyebrow or drooping eyebrows of people, more than a Tanyin lustful tendencies.

Month-type eyebrow

Month-type eyebrow, eyebrows like a crescent-like, which is usually very light eyebrows. Both men and women, who have such eyebrows, libido will be very intense. But if it is thick eyebrows, then this person is very God essence.

The knife- shape eyebrow

Knife eyebrow, eyebrow knife it (choppers square) of the people, whose heart is like a knife, this man wise and resolute, handling sharp impersonal, not compassion. 

Messy eyebrows

Messy eyebrows, eyebrows clutter such as weeds are usually brawn and no brains, no way to force attention to focus, work is also very reckless. Such people like to use force to resolve the matter and quarrels. 

Broom eyebrow

Broom eyebrow, there are open brow and Mei Wei open scattered scattered two kinds. Open brow scattered abroad went fast over the old things have been done before devotion; while Mei Wei open scattered people, things often anticlimactic.

The upward eyebrows

On the eyebrows, eyebrow end up people have more murderous and domineering, in the past there are many killers have this triad and eyebrow, such a person a good strong unyielding, overbearing unreasonable, very self-esteem.

Delicate eyebrow

This eyebrow matched Danfeng muscle really "delicate", the ineffable. Such people have only husband, love loyal, a girl a good mate object.

New moon eyebrow

Innocent, bright, happy. Woman have this eyebrow, gentle and passionate, is the pursuit of good men object.

arched eyebrows

The human osteosarcoma estranged, but a friend is very love Benedict.

Tiger eyebrow

Xing Ye, without seeking brave, courageous try to be brave.

Ghost eyebrow

Eyebrows thick and wide, beastly, possessive holding strong.