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The nose in Physiognomy guinness

Nose, living in the very center of the face, is the most prominent position, about personal appearance. In the face, the nose is called the 'house of money', can determine a person's life. The house of money includes the bridge of the nose (the ability to make money), associate head (the amount) Jin Choi, the four parts of the nose (financial management practices) and nostrils (consumer attitude), in the face of three stops, representing the most important the middle of a person's fortune, especially middle-aged fortune, the general phase looked out from the nose. Therefore, the importance of the nose, usually do not lose facial features.

Given below several common nasal phase, readers can control whether.

  • Nostril Aung does not reveal, nose quite, this person must be rich.
  • The nose smooth, plump, this person should be wealthy longevity.
  • The nose black meat, this person is likely to lowly short-lived.
  • The bridge of the nose is not oblique and moist, this person should be clothed.
  • Yamane with the amount of uplift bridge of the nose, this reusable.
  • Tapered tip of the nose, usually a deceitful man.
  • Yamane whole fold nose, small nose, low collapse, and his impoverishment, easily lead length.
  • Nose a lot of sunspots, this person will be poor again and again.
  • Nose elderly longevity.
  • Quasi like a hook nose aquiline nose, pinch pennies.
  • Nostrils huge financial drain easily.
  • Nose exposed holes, overturned Yang, easy financial drain.
  • The tip of the nose is full, good interpersonal relationships.
  • Nose round and connection Yintang, and easy to commit more than the length of peach.
  • Nose to skew, easily grams parents.
  • The nose is very low, wealth is usually poor.
  • Nose and an evil mole, pitfalls Taohua Jie.
  • Nose evil mole, influential career, fresh windfall transport.
  • Nose hair is exposed to guns, easy or even bankruptcy, should be cut off.
  • Rounded nose with positive wealth.
  • Windfall nose clear.
  • The nose left bend tune with each other and easy to do business.
  • The nose right turn is often a miser.
  • Nose Zhang the flesh Feng financial players.
  • The nose now dark brown their names be careful even bankruptcy, disease disaster.
  • Nostrils but not exposed holes are easy for rank and fame, but the lack of wealth.
  • The nostrils twilight nose, however, a lot of people are often the last laugh.
  • The nostrils can hide outgoing and easy to get along.
  • Upturned nose, the money for him just passing through.
  • The pig nose is to save money nose, can make money, but it is easy to make your partner hurt.

As seen from the good nose should have straight, Hong Leong and mole scar. Do not think the nose, the bigger the better, need to see whether or not in proportion to the nose and face. The ratio of asymmetry, such as the face, nose, compromise and tolerance must be poor.

Addition, the nose of the age of 41-50 fleeting wealth and transported in the workplace, if they think it looks bad, may wish to use integer or Lucky makeup to make up for the move more or less change one-third of fortune , and the remaining seven points still rely on their own efforts, said, 'No pain, no gain' nose alone is not enough.