Tarot is a scientific and wonderful way of thinking

First of all, Tarot Divination is not fortune telling. Unlike those superstitious fortune telling, tarot is based on psychology and shows your inner expectations for the future with the help of various meanings in tarot cards. In the final analysis, it is a way to interpret your heart. Tarot will not tell you what your destiny is, nor will he help you solve the disaster, nor will he change your destiny.So what can Tarot do? This has to start with the subconscious. Scientific research shows that the most complicated and wonderful machine in the world is the human brain. Until now, scientists have not given a real answer to how people think, how people control their behavior, how people have feelings, and how people have thoughts. Some people say that human brain movement is the real unsolved mystery in the world.

Some scientific figures show that, in terms of the current level of human progress, the human brain has only developed less than one in 100000. Therefore, no one can tell what kind of extraordinary ability the brain contains. However, scientists have also confirmed that the human subconscious and intuition are an activity of the brain, and this activity is predictable. However, the current science can not explain how intuition comes into being, How to use your subconscious to serve you.This is not just now. Long, long ago, humans began to explore the undeveloped things in their brains. As we all know, ordinary people have four-dimensional thinking (one-dimensional, two-dimensional, that is, plane thinking, three-dimensional thinking, four-dimensional time thinking). Some scientists, artists and religious figures can achieve five-dimensional thinking, while the six-dimensional thinking creates very few things, which are praised as miracles by people. For example, the meaning of Chinese Tai Chi diagram and Chinese Qigong are all created by six-dimensional thinking, Until now, people can not fully understand their meaning and function.

We don't know who created these products of six dimensional thinking and how they came from the creator's brain, but we can be sure that it was a specific area of that person's brain that developed a specific ability under a specific condition. Just like some people with special functions (referring to those who really have special abilities, not those cheaters) just inadvertently develop a specific ability in a specific area of his brain under a specific condition. In contrast, people's subconsciousness is easier to grasp than some special functions. As long as we learn some scientific and wonderful methods, we can try to interpret our subconsciousness, try to catch the hints brought by intuition, understand our true thoughts, and analyze the future development of things.I Ching is such a scientific and wonderful method, and tarot is also such a scientific and wonderful method. By learning Tarot, you can learn how to analyze the development of things, learn how to calmly face your real thoughts, learn how to interpret the foresight hidden in your heart, learn how to integrate yourself into the natural life process, reach the realm of heaven and man in the Buddhist language, and finally become a wise person. Remember: your own heart has given you the answer, and Tarot just shows it.

Having said so much, I just want to tell my friends who want to learn from Tarot. Tarot is not a fortune teller. It just tells you what state things will develop under the current situation, your current ideas and practices, and what actions you have to take to have different results. Whether you follow Tarot's instructions or not is up to you. Tarot will not change your destiny. Your destiny must be controlled by yourself.