Tarot cards and 12 constellations



The corresponding Tarot:The Emperor  

Keywords: father, power, order, rule. They are often inborn leaders, they are stubborn, impulsive and risk-taking. Aries is the first one of the 12 constellations with positive, ambitious, confident characters.


The corresponding Tarot:The Hierophant  

Keywords: religion, tradition, ritual, aid. The Hierophant has a strong connection with religion. They usually are stereotypes, stubborn and conservative.


The corresponding Tarot:The Lovers 

Keywords: selection, love and combination. They seem to frequently stand at the crossroads to make choice between morality and belief, which represent the personal beliefs and values. uninterrupttedly confront two egos and two kinds of characters.


The corresponding Tarot:The Chariot  

Keywords: will, self-discipline, victory, journey. They are usually considerate, the heart is very strong, they pay attention to feelings and family.


The corresponding Tarot: Strength 

Keywords: strength, courage, confidence, patience. They have the confidence, are couragous and strong. They must overcome the wild heart instinct.


The corresponding Tarot:The Hermit  

Keywords: cautious, loneliness, intrapersonal, guidelines. They do things very organized and perfect. They are pursuing the growth process of wisdom and spirit.


The corresponding Tarot:Justice 

Keywords: decision, justice, law, balance. They are coordination experts.


The corresponding Tarot:The Magician  

Keywords: creativity, communication, new plan, initiative. They are mysterious, subtle. They have clear ideas, and are confident.


The corresponding Tarot:Temperance

Keywords: desire, coordination, cooperation. They love challenges, they are very positive.


The corresponding Tarot:The Wheel 

Keywords: fate, change, chance and progress. They are not guessable.


The corresponding Tarot:The Stars

Keywords: hope, wish, shed the sadness. Their thought is advanced, they are yearning for inspiration and spiritual love.


The corresponding Tarot:The Moon 

Keywords: restlessness, changeable. They are connected with the moon, with the changes of the moon, they are changing uninterrupttedly.