Collection of tarot card array

After more than 500 years of spreading and evolution, tarot cards have formed many fixed speculation and close reading methods all over the world. They mainly include big Akana conjecture, small Akana conjecture and big and small Akana mixed conjecture.

The grand Akana conjecture includes:

1. Celtic Cross method

Celtic Cross method is a widely spread method of speculation, which can be mentioned in almost any Tarot Card speculation book. It explains the mode and " Image expansion method " Some similarities are to make judgments on all levels of a problem and interpret the prediction of the development of past, present and future events. Basically, it is also suitable for love, friendship and academic / career issues, but it is particularly powerful in inferring academic or career issues.

2. Diamond conjecture

This card array is similar to the Holy Trinity divination, which is to explain the past, present and future of the problem. It applies to long and short questions, such as can I … Will &hellip Do you want to &hellip And other topics requiring clear results. Different from the Holy Trinity divination, its current situation is comprehensively explained by two cards, so it can more fully reflect the current situation of the inquirer.

3. Element expansion method

The so-called "elements" refer to the four major elements in Western astrology, such as Qi, fire, water and earth. They are the four major element groups in the tarot deck. This speculation method uses the basic characteristics of the four elements to provide explanations for those who want to understand how to solve the problem. The inquirer should first describe the difficulties he is currently facing and the outcome he wants.

4. Holy triangle conjecture

The holy triangle conjecture method is simple and easy to learn. It is a basic divination method that all people who use tarot cards must master. It is most suitable for the dilemma of the length of divination, such as can I … Will &hellip Do you want to &hellip Etc. It is not sloppy and gives a clear answer.

5. Alternative conjecture

This speculation method is also called “ V-shaped method ”, Because the discharged card looks like a “ V” Word. As its name indicates, “ Alternative conjecture ” A choice designed to solve a dilemma. For example: there are two people chasing you at the same time, but you can't make a decision? You want to change to a new company, but do not know if it will be worse than the original company? For such a problem, choose one or the other to show you the future of the two paths you have chosen, and you can compare the two to see which path is better.

6. Hexagram conjecture

Hexagram divination is a very representative divination method in tarot cards. It originates from the Jewish hexagram symbol. If you want to know the cause and effect of the problem and the surrounding environment, this kind of divination is the most suitable method.

7. Gypsy cross method

The gypsy cross method is applicable to divination alone, asking questions related to love and feelings. If there is no one in love with you? Or fall in love with someone and want to know if he is interested in himself, etc. It uses five of Tarot's 22 big cards to make a decision, which is quite simple and easy to use. However, due to the small number of cards interpreted, the diviner must have a certain degree of understanding of the interpretation ability and logical reasoning of the cards.

8. Star of Solomon expansion

Solomon's star expansion method is one of the most complex methods in taroli. This method may not be very difficult to interpret, but it will use all the 22 main cards of the big alcana, and the steps are cumbersome, so it is quite time-consuming. You should be patient and careful to speculate! This method is most suitable for speculation without specific problems. For example, I don't have a partner now. I just want to know the fate of love or work recently &hellip& hellip; Wait, Solomon star will have a more specific explanation.

Little Akana's conjecture includes:

1. Venus conjecture

This card array is suitable for newly established love and some ambiguous love. Not applicable to the love of secret love.

2. Sphinx conjecture

This kind of divination can predict what will happen in the future. It is very useful.

The conjecture methods for the mixed use of large and small Akana are:

1. Seven planet conjecture

The so-called seven planet conjecture method refers to the seven planets in astrology in the Middle Ages: the sun, mercury, Venus, moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It uses the different aspects governed by these seven planets to infer a person's state in all aspects& ldquo; Seven planet conjecture ” Follow “ Predestination method ” A bit like, all use seven cards, but the type of problem solving is different. The predestination method is specially used to calculate love, while the seven stars method is a fortuitous algorithm that looks at a person's current state in all aspects.

2. Tree of life speculation

This is an all inclusive array of cards. At the same time, it is a time-consuming and thought-consuming array of cards. The guessing steps are tedious. The card array that requires 78 cards to speculate together is suitable for the overall divination of major events, not for fortune telling.

3. Inferential method of birth palace map

This divination method is second only to “ Fate conjecture method ”, Is the second most popular card type. The birth chart method was first used to interpret the fortunes of a person in a certain period of time. If you don't have any specific problems, this type of card is no more suitable for you! In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the applicable time of this speculative method. In principle, the tarot card is a short-term speculation tool, so it is more suitable to speculate on things in a short period (such as one or two years). However, the birth chart method can also be interpreted for a long time.

In addition, there are many speculative methods used in specific fields such as love, marriage and money, such as:

1. Predestination method

This kind of speculation is specially used to predict people's love fate. No matter whether you are in a happy relationship or in silent love, the question that all lovers want to know is: what is the future development of me and him (or her)& ldquo; Fate conjecture ” It is a very practical way to speculate that one can interpret one's love destiny from the past, present and future, and put forward action suggestions for the inquirer.

2. Big cross conjecture

The big cross conjecture is a simple and interesting method of Tarot Divination. It has the traditional way of picking cards and allows you to play the game of number accumulation. There are five cards in the Grand Cross conjecture method (sometimes only four). It concisely presents the obstacles, help and results of the measured things.

3. Mirror expansion method

The image expansion method is to speculate on a specific problem. It is especially useful when you decide to take an action and want to know when the consequences of that action will be.

4. One week fortune method

If you are not interested in the long-term fortune of one or two years, but want to know the short-term situation, this card type is most suitable for you. It can interpret what will happen to you in the coming week: especially when you make a plan for the coming week and want to know how your luck is on that day, this method will be very interesting and practical. You can take out your cards at the beginning of each week (actually any day) and speculate for yourself.