The complete collection of tarot card array -- four elements expansion method

Scope of application

The so-called "four elements" refer to the four elements in Western astrology, such as air, fire, water and earth; It is the four element group of Tarot little Akana. This speculation method is a pendulum method that uses the basic characteristics of the four elements to provide explanations for those who want to know how to solve something. The questioner should first describe the difficulties he is facing and the outcome he wants.

Pendulum method

  • Follow the general shuffle and cut procedures, and then take out the fourth card counted from above and put it at the position of 1 in the figure.
  • Put the counted cards aside, count the remaining cards again, count them to the fourth card, and put them in the position of 2.
  • Repeat the above action twice, you will get two cards respectively, and put them in the position of 3 and 4 in order.
  • Open the four cards in order and interpret them.

Memorial tablet implication

  • 1 stands for fire, which symbolizes action. This card mainly provides you with advice on action.
  • 2 represents Qi, and meteorology represents speech and communication. This card is mainly to provide you with the verbal countermeasures you should take.
  • 3 represents water, which symbolizes emotion and emotion. This card is to suggest what attitude you should take on the emotional level.
  • 4 represents soil, which symbolizes actual material and money. This card is to tell you how to deal with material aspects (such as money) in order to completely solve the problem.

Example divination analysis of element expansion method:

Question: what kind of situation would it be if it were transferred to the grass-roots level?

  • Fire element &mdash& mdash; Star coin attendant
  • Gas element &mdash& mdash; Reverse position sword 6
  • Water element &mdash& mdash; Holy Grail 3
  • Soil elements &mdash& mdash; Star coin 6

Signage &mdash& mdash; Scepter Knight

Deck analysis:

This example uses a signboard. The indicator chosen by the diviner is the scepter knight, which means that he will be rewarded and that he is a person who can get help from women.

  • The wind element card representing possible problems is the reverse sword 6, which means that his desire for monopoly may be expanded and cause problems in some aspects.
  • The fire element representing the mental state draws the star coin attendant, who says that once he goes down to the grass-roots level, he will be more excited and devote himself to his work with vigorous energy.
  • The local element representing the material status and pointing to his colleagues and subordinates is xingcoin 6, which means that in the future work, he will get more income and be respected by his subordinates.
  • The water factor card representing interpersonal relationship is holy grail 3, which means that once the diviner becomes a grass-roots leader, some problems will also emerge. He will show himself unabashedly, and may make false assumptions and boast. In working with others, he is always arbitrary and arrogant. Therefore, his subordinates are afraid of him and always follow his will.

Comprehensive analysis and suggestions:

From the star coin attendants to the Holy Grail 3, it forms an accurate picture of the basic level of the diviner. Many people who are submissive and obedient like sheep in front of their superiors are just like this. If you want to gain benefits, of course, you can go to the grass-roots level without constraints, but this will easily lead to the development of some bad qualities. Therefore, things are not right. It mainly depends on how you choose.

Four elements and the overall structure of Tarot

In Western mysticism, the four elements of fire, wind, earth and water are the most basic concepts. Their positioning is equivalent to the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth and earth in the East. Everything in the world can be classified and summarized with these four elements or five elements. Therefore, the construction of the tarot card is certainly related to the four elements. The four card groups of the small Akana card belong to the four elements, while the large Akana card represents a more abstract spiritual level. In other words, the big Akana card talks about the deep causes of things, while the small Akana card presents superficial events.

1. Fire (Scepter)

Fire is related to the sceptre card group in the small cards, showing initiative, positivity, extroversion and creativity. Like the word "passion like fire", fire is usually related to movement, war, action and intuition. People with the characteristics of fire element have a quick personality. They are always energetic and stand out in the crowd. The astrological fire signs lion, Sagittarius and Aries all have this characteristic.

2. Wind air (sword)

The wind is erratic, unpredictable and highly changeable. In astrology, wind represents abstract thinking, analysis and clear judgment, focusing on theory. Practical examples are publishing, writing, traveling, studying, etc. However, on the other hand, wind is also related to troubles, problems, disputes, diseases, deaths and other negative things, so the traditional sword card group related to wind is almost avoided.

3. Water (Holy Grail)

People say that women are as gentle as water. Water is the feminine element related to feelings, feelings and subconsciousness. Compared with the initiative of fire, water plays a passive role. People with water characteristics pay special attention to interpersonal relationships and feelings. They are more feminine, delicate and sensitive. Sometimes they are sentimental, and they like to take care of others and need to be protected. Astrologically, the water signs are Pisces, cancer, and Scorpio.

4. Earth (Star coin)

The earth nourishes all things and is the most stable and reliable. If the wind is a theorist, the earth is a practitioner. People with native characteristics are diligent and unremitting. They attach importance to the sense of security given by wealth. With economic security, they can enjoy themselves, but they are less flexible. Therefore, the star coin card group related to earth not only represents money and material aspects, but also represents material enjoyment and entertainment. Earth signs include Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

The knowledge of tarot cards is extensive and profound. The element expansion method is just one of the arrays. There are many complicated card arrays waiting for you to understand. I hope you can have a deeper understanding of tarot cards after reading the above contents.