Complete collection of tarot card array - six pointed star divination

Hexagram, also known as the shield of David and the seal of King Solomon, was originally a kind of mysterious religion in India. Later, it was spread to the west by the Spanish. In addition to Western witchcraft, it was widely used in Western constellations and Tarot. If you take apart the six pointed star, the regular triangle is a symbol of masculinity, while the reverse triangle is a symbol of masculinity. It symbolizes harmony through the intersection of male and female Yin and Yang.

In Western witchcraft, a six pointed star array is placed at the foot of the full moon. Candles are placed at the six vertices. Witches stand in the middle of the six pointed star to pray for disaster prevention and help people or things out of frustration and pain. The greatest effect is to accelerate the opportunity of love or promote career success.

The six pointed star of Western astrology is the top and bottom points symbolizing Heaven (Yang) and earth (Yin). The other four points represent the signs of wind, earth, water and fire, with the meaning of past, future, power and love.

In the tarot card, you can also use the six pointed star array to solve your doubts. If you want to know the context of the problem and the benefits or obstacles of the surrounding environment to this matter, this kind of divination is the most suitable.

1、 Scope of application

  • Love and marriage: ★★★☆☆
  • Work and study: ★★★★★
  • Investment and financial management: ★★★★
  • Interpersonal relationship: ★★★☆☆
  • Others: ★★★☆☆

2、 Brand type

This card array is applicable to 22 large Akana cards, 56 small Akana cards and 78 tarot cards

3、 Pendulum method

Play 22 big Akana cards

  • Follow the general shuffle and cut procedures, then count from top to bottom to the seventh card, and put this card in the figure “ 1” Location of. Then draw out the eighth and ninth cards and put them in “ 2” And “ 3” Location of.
  • The counted cards are put aside and no longer used. After placing the above three cards, count the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and four cards from the remaining cards from top to bottom, and place them in “ 4”、& ldquo; 5”、& ldquo; 6” And “ 7” Location of.

Use 56 small cockana cards and 78 tarot cards

  • Count from the first card of the whole stack to the seventh card and put it in the figure “ 1” Location of; Then place the counted cards next to each other, count the remaining cards from top to bottom to the seventh card, and place them in “ 2” Location of; Then repeat step 2 to draw out other cards and place them at positions 3-7 in the figure.
  • Or after shuffling and cutting cards, push the whole stack of cards into a rainbow shape, and then the diviner will randomly select seven cards from them, and then the diviner will place them in the positions 1-7 in the figure in turn.

Release order:

When unraveling a card, first evaluate the 7th card (cut card or indicator card) to see its impact on the whole card array. After the completion of this assessment, it will be interpreted from the 4th (reason card), and then the 1st (past), 2nd (present), 5th (environment), 3rd (future) and 6th (Countermeasures). After all the interpretations are completed, all the information and mutual influences are integrated to make suggestions for the diviner.

3、 Meaning of memorial tablet

  • Past: refers to the part where things have happened, and shows the reason why things have happened so far.
  • Now: it means something in progress.
  • Future: it means the stage where things have not yet developed
  • Reason: indicates the reason why something happened.
  • Environment: refers to the environmental factors that affect things.
  • Countermeasures: means the way to deal with things.
  • Cut cards or signs: if cut cards are used to indicate the subjective thoughts of the parties; If a sign is used, it indicates the characteristics of the person concerned.