Complete collection of tarot cards - Celtic Cross method

Celtic Cross method is a widely spread method of speculation, which can be mentioned in almost any Tarot Card speculation book. Her method of divination, as the name suggests, is to arrange ten cards into a cross and spread out the card array one by one. Because the Celtic Cross has a very profound elaboration and explanation on the horizontal view, in-depth comprehensive view of the affairs and the analysis of the problems themselves, it is often used in the analysis of the divination events or the end of the problems. It can be said that it is a card array for a detailed interpretation of a single problem.

It explains the mode and " Image expansion method " There are some similarities. They all make judgments on all levels of a problem, and interpret the prediction of past, present and future events. Basically, it is also suitable for love, friendship and academic / career issues, but it is particularly powerful in inferring academic or career issues.

When divining, in order to get a more definite answer, you can usually use " If so, will there be good results& quot; Or "e; Can such a situation or problem be solved& quot; As a way of inquiry.

1、 Scope of application

Ask &mdash& mdash; Love, friendship, study and career

2、 Pendulum method

  • Shuffle and cut cards in the general way. Place the seventh card counted from above at the position shown in (1) above.
  • Place the five cards following the seventh card in the positions (2) to (6) in order. In particular, note that the position of (2) is a horizontal card. Originally, all the cards in your hand are straight; When you want to lay this card horizontally, please turn it 90 degrees clockwise before putting it on.
  • Then count the remaining cards from top to bottom. When counting to the seventh card, put this card in the position of (7), and tilt the card slightly to the right, as shown in the above figure.
  • There should be three cards left in your hand. Place the three cards diagonally to the right in order from (8) to (10).
  • The card type has been completed. Open all the cards and interpret them after comprehensive judgment.

3、 Memorial tablet implication

  • Represents the status quo of the problem.
  • Stands for obstruction or help to a problem. The way to judge the positive or negative position of a horizontally placed card is as follows: if the front of the card faces to the left, it is the positive position; A card with its face to the right is in reverse position.
  • It shows the ideal and future goal of the questioner.
  • Explain the causes and conditions of the problem in the past.
  • Recent past status of the problem (usually within the past two or three months).
  • Recent future development of the problem (within the next two or three months).
  • It symbolizes the status quo of the inquirer.
  • It represents the influence of the surrounding environment on the problem and the views of the surrounding people on the problem.
  • Show the ability of the questioner.
  • The ultimate result of the problem.

Note: Although the cards from 7 to 10 are slightly tilted, the positive or negative positions are still valid.

Example of divination

Question: I applied to a foreign research institute in March this year, and I expect to go abroad for further study in early September. Although I have received the admission notice from the school, I am facing the dilemma of insufficient tuition and living expenses. Although I tried very hard to work well and earn more money before going abroad, the current income situation was not as good as expected, and the cumbersome pre-school preparations such as visa and accommodation also bothered me. Please tell me if I can study abroad this year?


  • Current situation - control inversion
  • Obstacle - positive star position
  • Ideal hermit inversion
  • The distant past - the reverse of death
  • Recent past - Fool's position
  • The near future - the emperor's right position
  • Latent sincerity - Solar positron
  • What's going on around you - the Pope is in the right place
  • Wish - wheel of destiny positive position
  • End result - Demon inversion

Board explanation:

1." Abstinence " Inversion

No matter how you do it, you always feel that you don't know the point and get half the result with half the effort. This is your current situation. Now, not only the tuition fee raising is in trouble, but also your life is in a state of imbalance. While thinking that you should make more money to supplement the study abroad fund, you also think that you should put all your mind on pre-school preparation. Your wavering mind and the love pressure from the external environment such as family and friends make you anxious and out of control. Naturally, the things or plans you should do in advance will be interrupted. At present, you are extremely lacking in internal mental strength and keen awareness, so you cannot respond appropriately to the situation. If you want to get rid of this dilemma and disorder, you can only clear yourself, put down all external material desires, clarify your inner real needs and priorities, and then solve the problems one by one, so that your mind and life can return to peace.

2." Stars "

The obstacle to a smooth trip is not the lack of money, but your own loss of confidence and courage to make a plan to solve problems. If you fail to make a clear implementation goal, of course, you feel that the problems in front of you are constantly coming to you. Even if you feel disappointed, helpless and afraid, it is natural.

3." Hermit " Inversion

Disordered life has brought about mental laxity and inability to concentrate, which will lead to frequent mistakes. You can't help but question your choice. You feel more tired and uneasy about studying abroad. Even, you may feel envious of the success or achievements of others. If you can't find a way to overcome your fear and inferiority complex, you will only narrow your vision and narrow your mind. Although you are anxious to tell others about your troubles, you become willful and irritable in the face of other people's advice. If you continue this way, you will only lose your interpersonal help and make the whole thing into a more difficult dilemma.

4." Death " Inversion

The reason why you want to study abroad is that you expect to change your external image and internal value through this action. In the past, in your academic or work field, you may fall into a difficult low tide because of some major blows in your schoolwork, work or interpersonal relationship. Fortunately, death has "e; Restart "e& quot; Bring the dead back to life " Therefore, although you encounter these unfavorable disadvantages and difficulties, you can cut yourself off from the past, re plan the future, remould yourself and create a new situation completely different from the past with decisive courage.

5." Fools " Orthoposition

You are very interested in and practical in any new thing and new plan. It is not so much that you have the pioneering power to cut through thorns and thorns, but rather that you just rely on your innocence and go forward without thinking. Although you successfully apply to the school, you lack proper planning and ignore the reality, which is the result of your financial troubles. Although knowing that it is quite risky to study abroad without sufficient financial aid, it seems that you have not changed your original intention and are still determined to go abroad to complete your dream of studying while worrying about finances.

6." Emperor " Orthoposition

The emperor's upright position symbolizes radical courage and perseverance. At the same time, it also implies that he can quickly complete his work or responsibilities with a steady goal, so as to obtain stable financial resources. This shows that in the near future, you will have the opportunity to get a job with rich income. Although you must rely on yourself to complete it, it can alleviate some of your problems of insufficient funds for studying abroad and train your ability to operate everything independently. To properly establish your life order and actively open source is what you should start to do in the near future.

7." Sun " Orthoposition

The positive position of the sun symbolizes the successful growth of an event or problem, and means to move towards a happy ending with everyone's blessing. In your heart, you also look forward to your own future. Therefore, studying abroad is a promising future for you. You can not only improve your own ability and give full play to your internal potential, but also be recognized by the society or family because of the increase of your personal ability. Therefore, even if the environment is difficult and there are many practical problems, you still believe that you can overcome the difficulties and move smoothly towards your goals.

8." Pope; Orthoposition

The Pope's positive position implies external assistance and seeking good consultation objects, which shows that the external environment, including family or friends, are willing to help you achieve your wishes. If you can give up your willful attitude and discuss your difficulties with your family or friends, you can not only get valuable advice and suggestions from them, but also get money and action assistance.

9." Wheel of fate " Orthoposition

The positive position of the wheel of destiny implies unexpected good news and the arrival of luck. At the same time, it also symbolizes changing the existing way and thus bringing good luck. This shows that you already have " Another way "e& quot; Positive action " And "e; Challenge the problem again " Decision and courage. Although the current situation is not stable at all, you have learned how to make decisions when the time comes, and can think from a different angle when facing problems, so as to reverse the disadvantages that are not conducive to you.

10." Devil " Inversion

When this card appears in the reverse position, it means that you have got rid of the shackles of your soul and are no longer restricted, and you do not want to continue with the current disordered and unbalanced life. You decide to reorganize yourself and find a way to face the problems, instead of deceiving yourself and others to use various reasons as an excuse for your stagnation. Although the process of raising tuition fees is quite arduous, and it takes great courage and determination to reorganize a clear pace of life and details from a chaotic situation, you can gain spiritual and spiritual freedom, regain your self-confidence, and smoothly move towards the goal of studying abroad.