A collection of tarot cards - Gypsy cross

The gypsy cross card array is a kind of Tarot Divination card array that specially analyzes the problem of love. Everyone will encounter love problems, and there will be many aspects involved in love. In addition, this card array is not complicated in operation, so it is also a card array widely used in tarot card array.

The gypsy cross method is applicable to divination alone, asking questions related to love and feelings. If there is no one in love with you? Or fall in love with someone and want to know if he is interested in himself, etc. It uses five of Tarot's twenty-two big Akana cards to make a decision. It is quite simple and easy to use. However, due to the small number of cards interpreted, the diviner must have a certain degree of mastery of the interpretation ability and logical reasoning of the cards.

1、 Pendulum method

  • According to the general shuffle and cut procedures, then take the cards with your left hand and prepare to deal the cards face down.
  • As shown in the above figure, the first card is placed from the leftmost side of the upper row, from left to right, and the five cards in the first row are placed in sequence.
  • After the five cards in the first row are full, then put the cards in the second and third rows, and put the remaining cards aside.
  • According to the position shown in the above figure, turn over 1 to 5 cards in order. Note that when releasing the cards, you can not open all the five cards at once, but open one card, explain it, and then open another card in sequence for interpretation. After such a complete interpretation, all the information will be integrated to make suggestions to the diviner.

3、 Meaning of memorial tablet

  • Express the other person's current mood and thoughts.
  • Indicates your current situation.
  • Express the way you get along with each other and what kind of attitude you should take.
  • It indicates the current surroundings of the two people, and it can also be seen whether there is a romantic rival or an obstacle.
  • Indicates the final result of the relationship between two people.