Complete collection of tarot card array - star of Solomon expansion

Solomon's star expansion method is one of the most complex methods in taroli. This method may not be very difficult to interpret, but it will use all the 22 major Akana cards, and the steps are cumbersome, so it is quite time-consuming. Be patient and careful to speculate!

This method is most suitable for speculation without specific problems. For example, I don't have a partner now. I just want to know the fate of love or work recently &hellip& hellip; Wait, Solomon star will have a more specific explanation.

1、 Scope of application

Ask for love, friendship, study and career

2、 Pendulum method

  • First according to the general shuffle, cut card procedures, get a stack of cards face down. Turn the stack upside down so that the cards face up.
  • The next step is to find out “ World ” This card. If the first card on the card is not the world, turn it over and put the card face down on the right side. One by one, until the world appears. Please note: the checked cards should still be stacked face down in order.
  • After finding the world, put the world face down on the checked stack. Next, put the seven cards immediately behind the world in “ 1” To “ 7” Location of. This arrangement does not flop, so directly face up.
  • Maybe you will have less than seven cards after the world. At this time, you should fold the cards just checked, make the cards face up, and then pick them up from the top one to make up seven.
  • After the first seven cards are positioned, start from the eighth card and stack the eight to fourteen cards in the lower right corner of the just seven cards (as shown in the above figure). As just now, if you have no cards in your hand, you should stack the checked cards, face up, and make up from the first one. Of course, if you have just picked up the cards and stacked them on the mend, go on mending now.
  • Usually after the fourteenth card, you should have picked up the cards and stacked them. Therefore, the 15 to 21 cards in the third round will continue to be added and stacked in the lower right corner of the second round.
  • When all the cards are put on, you should see a total of three star patterns, all of which are face up. You should have only one card left in your hand “ World ”, This card represents the inquirer himself. Put this card in front of the questioner and face her / him (if you are speculating for yourself, face yourself)

3、 Memorial tablet implication

There are seven positions on the star of Solomon. There are three cards in each position. The meaning of each location is:

  • Represents the current actual situation of the problem.
  • Is an upcoming event.
  • It represents the expectation and desire of the questioner.
  • Is the fate of this problem.
  • Represents a possible accident.
  • Represents an enemy that the questioner did not notice.
  • It represents the real motivation for the problem deep in one's heart.

When interpreting the card type, the meaning of each position must be explained in terms of the meaning of the three cards in that position.