Dream of drawing lots and divination

Draw lots for disaster. The purpose of drawing lots is to predict good or bad luck. Because I am afraid of the future, drawing lots represents misfortune. Dreaming of drawing lots for divination means that you have questions in your heart recently.

  • Dreaming of drawing lots means that you are worried and afraid of what you will encounter. You may not be able to make choices on many major issues such as marriage, employment, schooling and investment. You should first adjust your mind and make more preparations.
  • Dreaming of drawing lots means that you are frightened and will encounter what you are afraid of. We should first adjust our mentality and prepare various countermeasures in advance.
  • Dreaming of his wife drawing lots means that his wife will be trapped by worry and catch disease. You need to care more about your wife and help her out.
  • Dreaming of friends drawing lots means that friends can't count on them and they will be plotted by their enemies.
  • Dreaming of the enemy drawing lots is an auspicious omen that difficulties will pass.

Different people dream of drawing lots:

  • Men dream of drawing lots, which indicates that they may face major life choices. They should first adjust their mentality and prepare various countermeasures in advance.
  • Women dream of drawing lots, indicating that they are worried about their marriage and family life.
  • The husband dreams of his wife drawing lots. Maybe his wife is worried recently, or she is weak and ill. He should take the initiative to care for his wife and help her solve her worries.
  • Women dream that they play the lottery game and soon a child will leave them.
  • The patient dreams that playing the lottery game means that your condition will worsen.
  • National leaders dream that playing the lottery game is a good omen, and the people will be satisfied with the current policy.