The palmistry Completedictionary - lifeline

Male left, female right.

Lifeline is starting from middle of the index finger and thumb, which is a curved step-down line along the Venus mound. Lifeline not only is the place to show longevity, health status, whether has disease and unexpected accident, but also the place to prevent from disaster and make progress.

  • People with threadlike, deep, beautiful, uninterrupted lifeline with light red would always have good health and longevity. But if it is relying on good physical health to overeat, which would also lead to short-lived.
  • People with short lifeline would be honest and hardheaded, but a little timid. They might get sick due to weak body, they would usually live a discontent and unrest life.
  • People with twists and turns lifeline would frequently change residence and live an unstable life. Most would have the opportunity to travel across the oceans.
  • People with branch lines of the lifeline would break up the family and live apart, that is to support two families.
  • If the lifeline is connected by the trapezoidal small lines, which means the people would have serious health conditions, and would get sick easily. Though the lifelines of both hands are short, but if the other main lines are deep, beautiful and clear, the people would not be short-lived. They would get out of danger very quickly even if get sick frequently.
  • People with fork patterns at the end of the lifeline should pay particular attention to living. Or the people might tend to leave the country and go abroad to settle.
  • There are many round lines connecting into chain-shape on the lifeline, which means the people might be born with ill health. Especially the digester system would be weak and be lifetime disease-ridden.
  • People with lifeline starting from the center of the index finger would have strong spirit and  restraining self heart. They would be successful eventually in career with efforts.
  • People with lifeline starting from the bttom of the thumb would be lack of self-control and ability to reflect upon. They would erect enemy easily because they were frequently self-centered.
  • People with several small stripes on lifeline would be careful of everything and oversensitive. If the lifeline rises with long stripes, which means that the people would make a lot of trouble.
  • The end of the lifeline is not under the Venus, but toward the lunar mound, its people could not have strong aspirations, would be short of self-confidence. These people would frequently change residence and occupation.
  • The end of life, good nails around the thumb like the formation of an arc, which means that although the people could have good health and wisdom, but would have conflict in love due to frankness. This type of lifeline means that the main spirit is more than substance. The people would be weak, lack of desire of life and charm.
  • From the end of the lifeline appear too large fork patterns, suggesting that the luck after middle age will get weak, so this kind of people should take part in more activities at youth and middle-age to enrich their own lives.
  • From the lower part of the lifeblood appea the snake-like branches, people with this palmistry do not pay attention to daily life, self-restraint, and consumed physical strength and effort again and again, so will be showing early aging phenomenon.
  • That stretched toward the wrist extension, the main healthy and strong, old age financial lifeline differences, automatically incremented status soaring. Otherwise a palmprint and parallel to the lifeline of the people, the main resistance to disease is extremely weak due to natural body, so be sure to pay more attention to daily life.
  • The lower part of the lifeline thrown up several small regional, easily tired constitution Before doing anything we must first consider their own strength, not perverting.
  • Both sides of the lower part of the lifeline rise several thin lines, which means it may cause hormone shortage of self-vigilance due to be careless to living, so you must pay attention to daily life .
  • Several different branches on lifeline extend upward, which means you are vigorous and can spend rich active life.
  • The lifeline feeder extends to Jupiter Hill, which means the people are very self, self-willed, self-confidence is extraordinary. You can get many chances of success due to strong vitality, .
  • Lifeline feeder extends to the plains of Mars, which means the life of the youth is hard, but as long as you have patience and work hard, your luck will pick up gradually in middle age.
  • Branch lines of lifeline extend to Sun mound, which means the people will have a good luck, everying is smooth. If Sun mound is also very developed, which means that you can cut a striking figure in the arts.
  • Extensions of the lifeline extended to the Mercury mound, the Mercury mound is also very developed, which means that the people are able to accomplish something in Industrial.
  • Other clear and deep palmprints transect lifeline, which means people may have sudden disease and bring the risk of life.
  • Lifeline center has slit, which means the people may suffer from a serious illness at middle age. If the gap of fracture is longer, the greater the risk will be.
  • Anotther parallel line rises on the lifeline fracture, which means that even if the risk of disease will be healed soon.
  • Shown Branch-like gap lifeline on lifeline, which means that may get risk of serious disease. If both hands have the same aperture, hinted that the people would die because of their disease. If square lines rise on mussy lifeline, which means that symptoms will get better quickly.
  • Lifeline forms two peaks, which means that blind natural overwhelmed in the manifold of life on the road.