Grail attendant

Holy Grail attendant


A permanent close friend may be a long separated childhood friend or first love.

Deck interpretation

A young man stood on his hips in front of the blue sea, looking excitedly at the fish fed in the Holy Grail. His innocence reminds people of a kind and innocent child. He is affectionate and loving. He is a symbol of love, warmth and intimacy. The Holy Grail waiter is a novice and beginner in the emotional world. He yearns for the emotional world. The cup held by the Holy Grail waiter is experimenting with how to use it. He is enthusiastic about emotional things, which can make people feel interesting and interesting. For example, if the primary school students have a small love world view, they always make people laugh at the methods and practices of creating feelings. It is more a naughty personality, spreading joy and love. The character's role is to actively respond to emotion, care and share, generous, naive, open and relaxed; The Grail waiter usually represents the arrival of emotional messages, such as love letters, love cards or notes.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Grail waiter is a water element influenced by the wind. This card can represent water sign, Pisces, cancer and Scorpio. If it appears with the priestess or the fool card, it can specifically refer to Pisces. The waiter is the wind, the essence of the wind is thinking, and the Holy Grail is water, which represents emotions and feelings. Therefore, the thoughts of the waiter of the Holy Grail are constantly affecting his emotions and feelings. His clothes are very eye-catching. He is the one of the four waiters who can best dress up and express himself. He also likes to stay under the spotlight most.

The Holy Grail represents love. The waiter holds the Holy Grail to the right, which means he is willing to give his love. Therefore, he pursues love, cares for others, pays for others, and does not ask for return. However, the waiter is the youngest one in the palace cards. He represents immaturity, so he can't master his emotions well. He thinks too much of things and thinks that his efforts will bring good results. Therefore, he is easy to be used. Once he finds that the facts are completely different from what he thinks, he can't bear it. He is thin and sensitive, and will be very injured, and it is difficult to recover from the pain. It is the work of the Grail waiter to learn to master his emotions and not be overwhelmed by them.

The wind represents the message. If you are waiting for some message, the waiter card represents that the message you want is coming, and it is usually the message that will make you happy. It could be a party invitation or a wedding invitation. The Holy Grail waiter's intuition is very strong. Sometimes this card appears to tell you that your intuition is right and it is right to listen to your inner voice to make decisions. The Grail waiter can represent the initial stage of love, or just starting a quest, or just getting excited. The Grail waiter will not suppress emotions, so he will immediately pursue. His pursuit is obvious and romantic, and is not easy to be ignored. The appearance of this card may mean that you are about to start a period of such pursuit, or that someone is about to pursue you in this way.

If they have already started dating, the Holy Grail waiter represents the stage of passionate love. They need to spend a lot of time together. Romantic behaviors such as flowers and love letters are indispensable. But relatively, the love at this time is too ideal, too naive, and has not yet passed the test of reality. If the Grail waiter represents a stable contact object, such an object will need you to continuously share your feelings and maintain a romantic feeling, so that he or she can feel that this love still exists.

Positive meaning

  • Love spiritual thinking, and experience the happiness that is lacking in reality in spiritual thinking.
  • When new news comes in, it is often positive.
  • Working hard.
  • There are many warm-hearted people around, and they have good popularity.
  • Act thoughtfully.

The Holy Grail bodyguard is ranked in the Holy Grail card group, which is more inclined to the level of spiritual thinking. Of course, the emotional symbol of the Holy Grail card group is still the basis of the bodyguard card. In other words, the appearance of this card implies that when facing the current things, they can think about some of their own problems in this matter, and also through more in-depth thinking, they can go deeper into the center of things. Most of this card also implies a Pisces person or a person or thing related to Pisces. Such a hint has been strengthened in the set of cards of speroli. In the Holy Grail bodyguard of speroli, it is obvious that there are two dolphins jumping in the pattern of the card, and one card also represents a new opportunity, a new change or a new message, This is because I know more about some things or problems through thinking, and there is also self suggestion that I grow up through thinking.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: at present, I am having a good opportunity to meet new people, or to grow up in my existing feelings, and the relationship between the two sides is further developed. The two sides monitor each other through interaction, communication and heart to heart communication, and get this kind of growth. It is very special. If this card appears when asking whether it is possible to compound, it mostly represents the opportunity to compound, but to a certain extent, Or look at the overall impact of the whole set of cards.
  • Wealth: I will carefully consider before investment and use the money properly. You are a person who slowly accumulates wealth. Buying a fund is a very suitable choice for you!
  • Career: an opportunity may be an opportunity for promotion, a raise in salary, or a job hopping. However, whether you can grasp it carefully depends on your own efforts. From the perspective of self owned companies and individual studios, there are opportunities for new cases, new cooperation opportunities, or the expansion of funds. On the reverse Holy Grail bodyguard, it implies that the current situation is a period of uncertainty or that you can't master it. To some extent, you can't effectively grasp the existing opportunities around you. Maybe it's because of the outdoor environment, or because of your lack of ability, or even because you don't think well enough, you extrapolate these opportunities.
  • Appearance: white shirt, simple plain clothes, very suitable for your style and the feeling you give!
  • Health: healthy body, good mental state, abundant physical strength can let you approach the subconscious world by thinking and meditating!

Inverse meaning

  • There are many people around who give advice in disguise. You need to be careful.
  • have clever hands and good sense.
  • Learn to deal with unhappiness alone.
  • Out of control in some way.

The reverse Holy Grail waiter may have a desire for affection, but he uses the wrong method to make the other party happy, but he plays too much, mischievous, monkey tricks, and causes other people's dissatisfaction; In the reverse position, it may also be that you don't know how to enter others' emotions emotionally, you can't experience the cognitive feelings of others, you can't or don't want to feel from the perspective of the other party, you don't know what to do, and you don't know how to connect with others; If there is no water in the Holy Grail, it may just deal with each other. If it is matched with the role of waiter, it is also a superficial emotional perfunctory. If it is positive, it is mostly a kind of flattery, or like flashy emotional games.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: one party has caused some adverse reactions due to excessive thinking about this relationship, and has stagnated the progress between the two parties. In terms of single person interpretation, the reversed Holy Grail guard implies that he is somewhat reluctant to let go of his attitude towards the relationship or has a little deviation in his thoughts, resulting in his fear and avoidance of the relationship.
  • Wealth: your current frustration seems to be reflected in wealth. There is no investment income now. Don't lose heart. It won't take long for you to be frustrated. Money will roll to you one after another!
  • Career: I am too persistent or obsessed with some problems, which hinders my development and also makes a lot of opportunities lost. In the case of self owned companies and individual studios, it is a bit suggestive that the arrival of opportunities cannot be effectively grasped, and the reception of new information or information is too slow, resulting in losses. To some extent, The appearance of this card also represents the time to improve your ability.
  • Appearance: your enthusiasm and energy are very suitable for the current popular Hawaiian dress!
  • Health: for your own good development in the future, now make more efforts to exercise your body! You can do more aerobic exercise, jogging and ball games, which will be very helpful to your physical strength.