Holy Grail IV

Holy Grail IV


A person who is not easily persuaded, an unmarried man or woman, to postpone marriage.

Deck interpretation

The man in the picture has his back against the tree and looks bored. He closed his eyes and folded his arms to his chest in a defensive gesture. There are three cups in front of him, symbolizing his past experience. He stares at them silently, which means that he is trapped in the past. A cup protruding from the cloud symbolizes a new opportunity. However, the passive man easily refused. For him, life seemed to have no interest at all. He showed complete indifference and indifference to everything.


The fourth grail represents a time of negativity, boredom, exhaustion and withdrawal. The party concerned lacks motivation, is indifferent to everything, and does not want to participate in social activities. Grail IV sometimes represents an affair and a new opportunity.

Positive meaning

  • I always feel lonely and bored. I have to find something meaningful to do.
  • Both body and mind are tired and need adjustment or rest.
  • Deep disappointment, no confidence in life.
  • Not interested in anything, or not interested.

Holy Grail 4 obviously represents a feeling of dissatisfaction or a kind of disappointment. To some extent, Holy Grail 4 card continues the dissatisfaction in Holy Grail 3. However, sometimes such dissatisfaction is created by oneself, because he refuses some opportunities or rejects some possibilities of success, leaving himself out of the chance of success. To some extent, the card of Holy Grail IV also represents that you have given up external assistance and turned to your own internal search for help, but you have not noticed whether the internal support is enough. If the internal support is insufficient, will it be more difficult to get any help, or even the possibility that your previous experience will be slowly forgotten.

In numerology, four represents stability and order. Just like all tables and chairs, they can only be stable if they are composed of four legs. All buildings are square. Even the pyramid, the base must be square. However, stability often leads to boredom. When a relationship or a career has been stable for a long time, it often makes people feel bored, as if there is nothing new and exciting. Reflected in the Holy Grail IV, if you feel emotionally boring, you will form a period of boredom, fatigue, withdrawal, negativity, dissatisfaction and solitude. The party concerned feels bored, indifferent to external things, lacks motivation, does not want to participate in social activities, feels that no one knows him, and even feels that the family flower has no fragrance of wild flowers Therefore, the fourth grail in the actual possession, sometimes also represents an affair, because he is no longer interested in what he currently has. When drawing the Holy Grail IV, it is suggested that the party concerned should think twice before acting. After a period of reflection, return to your original life and don't completely cut off your connection with the outside world. The most important thing is to cherish what you have and seize the opportunity at hand to avoid fleeting.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: because of the lack of internal connection between you and your soul, you may be dissatisfied with your feelings, or even you may be attracted by another type of people and develop new relationships.
  • Wealth: don't be too greedy. In fact, you should already be very rich! Hold on to what you have now, so that you won't lose too much for too little!
  • Career: you may not know how to seize the opportunity before, so think more about what you want, and you will get more. Don't just dream about what you can't get, so you will lose more.
  • Appearance: it looks a little timid, which is the feeling of a little sister and little brother.
  • Health: you ignore the mental health, you only care about the physical health, so now you will start to want to consolidate and calm your mind.

Inverse meaning

  • Have new relationships.
  • Find new methods and new opportunities.
  • Out of the low tide.

The reverse Holy Grail 4 may have taken action. Standing up from the original shade tree and moving forward, it is possible that the party concerned has thought of something, made a choice, accepted an invitation, or been tempted, or refused the temptation, and is willing to accept the current living conditions. He understands that a stable life is also a kind of life, and does not refuse it. The living conditions without goals also have their beauty, and he is no longer upset about it; In a word, let oneself no longer be bored is the situation of the Holy Grail four inverses.

However, the reverse Holy Grail 4 is that the tools that had the opportunity to receive external assistance have disappeared, and I am numb because of my strong dissatisfaction. To some extent, this is an opportunity to recover from a desperate situation. In the I Ching, there is a truth that when things reach their extremes, they will turn around. I also get up and take action because of too much pain. The reverse Holy Grail 4 can also be that I give up all my past experiences and turn to a new path, A strange road.

The emotional inversion of the Holy Grail IV reflects that the relationship between the two sides has stopped, but it does not represent separation or break. It is just a feeling that the two sides have stopped calming down, and take this opportunity to re plan their future new journey, new interaction, new way of getting along, or the re establishment of commitment. However, the reverse Holy Grail 4 in career means that he has stopped what has been out of control at present and tried to end it. It is somewhat similar to that some problems have occurred in the case that is being promoted at present, which makes him have to stop and think about another new way out or fight for new cases.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: you should get some experience from the past experience to face the current situation. If there is a new opportunity, you should grasp it immediately. You should no longer feel sorry for yourself!
  • Wealth: if you can understand what kind of work you want, maybe you will have a sum of money soon, so pay attention to your heart first!
  • Career: you have some new opportunities waiting for you, but they may not be the jobs you are paying attention to now! You must find your chance again through your subconscious mind!
  • Appearance: I feel like I've been thinking about something all day, but I'm still very lively.
  • Health: you know that if you don't take good care of your body, you won't be able to remedy it if it breaks down, so you should start paying attention to your daily life!