Holy Grail Knight

Holy Grail Knight


A false friend, a stranger and seducer from afar, should grasp the current destiny.

Deck interpretation

The knight sat on the horse with his chest up, holding the Holy Grail of persistence in his hands, and watched with deep eyes. The horse bent its head and circled mischievously. The whole picture was full of persistence and romance. Unlike the swift riding posture of a scepter knight or a sword knight, the white horse of the Grail knight is very gentlemanly and moves gracefully, just like its owner. The Holy Grail Knight held the Holy Grail flat. His eyes were dreamy and he looked deeply at the Holy Grail. His clothes have a red fish pattern. The fish symbolizes imagination, creativity and spirit. Red indicates the enthusiasm of the knight. His helmet and shoes have wings, symbolizing imagination. This man made his way to the river. Here, knights represent a kind of people who are emotional, intuitive and creative.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Holy Grail Knight represents that he is currently facing a choice. Such a choice is to think about whether he should stop and wait, or take the initiative to pursue. However, to a certain extent, the Holy Grail knight is a bit negative, because the knight spends too much time paying attention to the cup in his hand, which distracts the knight's attention. In the Holy Grail Knight of speroli, They have even dismounted and stopped waiting for the arrival of information, which also means that they should face up to the difference between waiting and action. On the other hand, the Holy Grail Knight also implies that the opportunity has been in hand. Now they are just waiting for the time to come. While waiting for the time, they constantly supplement their own shortcomings and increase their ability.

Positive meaning

  • New opportunities are slowly approaching, and life is slowly changing.
  • Make plans and submit proposals.
  • Surrounded by temptations, the parties do not realize.
  • Hospitable to guests.

The Holy Grail knight is an emotional actor. His own speed and pace are gentle. It is more like riding a horse. The meandering river flows more slowly and emotionally. The image represented by the Holy Grail knight is prince charming, who knows romance and flirtation, gorgeous armor and sophisticated equipment, and seems to pay attention to appearance and appearance. For women, this card is the ideal image of love in their hearts, with the characteristics that make people intoxicated in it; Therefore, in the practical aspect, it may be the appearance of a favorite object, an advertisement from the other party, sincere invitation and touch, and the appearance of an object with the same passion. Moreover, the other party has the emotional creativity, can give a lot of joy and fun, and his heart beats, feeling the warmth of love. On the male side, the appearance of the Holy Grail Knight also means that the chance of success in love is increased and there is a chance to get emotional feedback from the other side.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: the interaction between the two sides is gentle and effective. There is no fierce quarrel about each other's attitude. Some of them only care for and contribute to each other. On the other hand, the Holy Grail Knight also represents a gentle and considerate partner, who gives wholeheartedly to himself, loves him without complaint or regret, and also represents the beginning of a closer relationship between the two sides.
  • Wealth: in order to dream, you will try to make money, but the speed of money rolling is not as you want. You can use the financial management account to manage your money, and you will have a good harvest!
  • Career: I have made great efforts in the current environment, and the company is also very centripetal. Some opportunities revolve around me, but I just maintain a conservative attitude. However, these opportunities will not go away because of my conservative attitude, and there may be more and more. The analysis on my own company and personal studio indicates that I have several opportunities in my hands, and they are well maintained, And these opportunities are chips to make yourself grow more.
  • Appearance: simple and generous clothes, very suitable for you now, giving people a sense of neatness!
  • Health: you can distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy. You won't waste your energy on unnecessary things. Your health is very good. Your spirit and physical strength are very good!

Inverse meaning

  • Be careful of the clever people around you. The situation appears to be very good. It is dangerous to tell the truth.
  • Beware of fraud.
  • Misconduct must be corrected.
  • A disorderly life.

The reverse Holy Grail knight may yearn for too many objects and too many emotional actions, and become indifferent and playful. He only uses flirting skills, rhetoric and insincere love. He wants the other party's love but is not willing to pay his own love. He regards the Holy Grail as a collection, a collection mentality; On the other hand, the reversed Holy Grail Knight's actions towards emotion are wrong, which may lead to cowardice towards emotion, withdrawal, hesitation, and failure to make up his mind. There is also a message of implicit confession failure. The person who is not the other party's favorite is rejected.

From the perspective of the reversed Holy Grail knight, it implies that he has been waiting too passively in the current situation, resulting in some problems and the loss of some opportunities. In a sense, the reversed Holy Grail Knight represents the generation of self inner contradictions or wrong thinking of self ideas, resulting in some wrong decisions, and may even put things into an uncontrollable situation.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: at present, both parties are making a choice, perhaps to further their relationship or stay at the present, but the situation is obvious. To some extent, the reverse Holy Grail Knight represents that the interaction between the two sides has slowed down or stopped, and each other is waiting for the other party to take the initiative or continue to act, with strong passive hints.
  • Wealth: there may be no chance to accumulate wealth at present. The money you earn now is enough to maintain your life. You must change yourself first, money will be close to you!
  • Career: I have some maladjustment or think too much in the current environment, which hinders my action and delays my plan. To some extent, there will be a situation of "head and tail", or even the possibility of abandoning the whole plan immediately after the beginning of the plan. However, for my own career or some personal studios, it is a little dangerous, because in addition to the stop of the plan and career growth, There is also the possibility of taking away their own business.
  • Appearance: try not to wear clothes that make people feel decadent. What you need to change now is the decadent image!
  • Health: I have become lazy and tired recently. I can't work hard. If this continues, it will affect my health! Doing more leisure activities you like can improve your vitality!