Holy Grail II

Holy Grail II


Success and good luck, but care and concentration are necessary to get them.

Deck interpretation

In the background, the sky was clear. Men and women with a pair of garlands on their heads faced each other, held the Holy Grail and made a vow to each other, and came together. The ground where the two men lived was deserted, but behind them was a green land with vegetation. With feelings, life will have flavor. Life without feelings is dull. A man's body leans forward, symbolizing a positive and extroverted masculine force; The standing posture of a woman is like a mountain, symbolizing an introverted feminine power. The man's clothes are bright yellow with red and green patterns. He is the active party and gives passion and protection to women. A woman is dressed in white and wears a blue shawl. She is a passive recipient and accepts what a man can give without reservation.

The red wreath on men's heads symbolizes that the element of fire is the color of Mars. Their brains are very easy to be impulsive in the stage of pursuing or being pursued. The same is true of action. Physiological desire and desire to conquer will burst at this stage. Women, on the other hand, are more rational at the stage of being pursued or pursuing, and are more likely to think about a lot of problems. They are not only affected by feelings, but often have certain plans. The green wreath on a woman's head corresponds to the earth element, which is the color of Venus. At this stage, women will be more inclined to realistic feelings and realistic conditions, more rational, and pay more attention to their own interests and sense of security given by this relationship.

On their heads were the heads of lions and two scepters wrapped around snakes. The lion's head represents passion and desire, and it is also a symbol of communication. The outstretched wings symbolize the Holy Spirit. The two twining snakes represent the balance of yin and Yang, which is an equal and harmonious relationship.


In terms of elements, the Holy Grail is a water element, representing feelings and emotions; In terms of numbers, two represents connection, one more choice, etc. Usually, the Holy Grail II appears in emotional divination, representing the situation of mutual love. Although the lovers card does not represent a heart to heart bond and sincere feelings for each other, it is enough to show that the two people have an emotional link. As shown in the figure, men and women respect each other like guests, treat each other equally, and do not make demands. He symbolizes a union, a long-term love or friendship; Or simply point out the beginning of a relationship. Both sides are attracted by what they have in each other, but what they seem to lack. The woman on the right represents emotion and feeling; The man on the left represents action.

Grail II is not limited to the feelings of men and women, but also involves friendship and any interpersonal relationship, which is often harmonious, equal and pleasant. So, ask about friendship, love or marriage, and the Holy Grail II will give you an answer.

Positive meaning

  • With fire like enthusiasm.
  • Have good friendship.
  • You or someone around you gets married.
  • All aspects of the relationship are very harmonious.
  • Lovers or friends get to know each other.

This is a card showing the harmonious and pleasant relationship between the two sides. Many people regard it as a small card version of lovers, because grail II often represents happy love or even love at first sight. If the Holy Grail II appears in the cooperation relationship, it means that the cooperation between the two sides is very smooth. The cooperation object of the inquirer and the inquirer are thinking from the same angle and plane. The Holy Grail II appears in divination. It can be said that the inquirer will have a very good cooperative relationship with the other party in the plan. Both parties have common goals, so the implementation of the plan also has something in common. If the parties are suffering from some problems in the existing relationship, or experiencing separation, grail II also means reconciliation and harmony in the relationship. When the Holy Grail II appears in the relationship, two people will have good emotional communication, and their emotional communication will be very harmonious and pleasant.

Meaning corresponding to all levels of life

  • Love: you two are equal in receiving and giving. This relationship is characterized by commitment, intimacy, interest and sharing. It is an enviable way to get along!
  • Wealth: how much you have worked hard will give you a response in terms of income, so don't worry too much. Everything is very equal.
  • Career: you will have an equal partnership. You and your partners can contribute something and benefit from it. I believe you will be very satisfied with this job!
  • Appearance: it makes people feel like spring breeze and looks easy to get close to.
  • Health: because you are very consistent with your heart, of course, your health is also very good. Your physical strength can support what you want to do.

Inverse meaning

  • Suspicion between lovers or friends.
  • You or someone around you is divorced.
  • All aspects of the relationship are more antagonistic.
  • Your love can't be satisfied.

The reversed Holy Grail II describes an extreme sexual relationship. Today is full of love, harmony and harmony, just as this card was when it was standing, but tomorrow will become tense, conflict and power struggle. Love gives way to fear, and because love and fear are opposites, they cannot coexist. It suggests that your relationship may be excellent or terrible, and it swings between the two. When you fear losing control of yourself or your emotions, you try to control them, and so does your partner. This card can also be used to describe the exhaustion of your mind due to an unequal or unbalanced friendship or sexual relationship.

Sometimes the reversed Holy Grail II also implies the end of a sexual relationship, but whether this means depends on what cards appear around it. Maybe your partner doesn't have that deep commitment to each other, or doesn't care so much about each other.

The reversed Holy Grail II may also symbolize the conflict between fire and water, which in turn leads to the division of action and emotion. This card emphasizes the need for balance. One person may be consuming another person's creativity, emotion or soul, so that the other person will lose the space for spontaneity and growth.

Meaning corresponding to all levels of life

  • Love: there may be an unbalanced sexual relationship between you. You are afraid that one day you will be unable to control your emotions, which will really drain your mind.
  • Wealth: maybe what you do is not proportional to what you get, but don't complain about it. I believe the situation will improve soon.
  • Career: you and your business partners may fall into a power struggle! Or a partner or colleague tries to control the other party, which makes you unable to concentrate on your work.
  • Appearance: you may look tired and have no sense of purpose.
  • Health: pay attention to your health! It may not be able to bear the burden you have given him. Don't push yourself too fast.

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