Holy Grail nine

Holy Grail nine


Dreams and wishes come true, good luck and wealth.

Deck interpretation

The Holy Grail 9 is a set of cards full of affirmation. The Holy Grail in the back may be the trophy won in the past, which represents the affirmation and support for his personal ability. The figure in the picture puts his hands in his chest, showing considerable pride and satisfaction. He has achieved what he thinks he has achieved, his dream has come true, his wish at that time has been realized, and he is quite satisfied with himself. All the past experiences are full of meaning to him, Happiness is his mood at the moment; This scene can also be imagined as a meeting. There is a participant behind each cup, who gives the greatest praise and appreciation to the person in front of him. The communication is also harmonious and satisfied. The Holy Grail 9 appears in the relationship. Maybe their desire for the relationship has become true, and they feel quite satisfied in all aspects; In the past, people accumulated a vast network, and now they are popular everywhere.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Holy Grail nine card represents that at present, it is a card that can reconcile the internal and external well and meet the current situation. Although there are not many cards in the Holy Grail card group that imply satisfaction, there are very few that can achieve the satisfaction of the Holy Grail nine card, because the satisfaction of the Holy Grail nine card is dual, that is, both internal and external satisfaction are available. On the other hand, The appearance of the Holy Grail 9 card also implies that the present is a successful period. The previous efforts and struggles have enriched the external material level and the internal spiritual level, and I am also enjoying the results in such a situation. This is also the time to share the past experience and current results with my family and friends.

Positive meaning

  • Material life is abundant.
  • The heart is full of a sense of happiness.
  • The situation is favourable to you.
  • There is potential and hope.
  • get ahead.

Holy Grail 9, also known as dream come true, represents that the wishes of the parties are very likely to be realized, whether it is spiritual or material. The so-called “ Love is good, casino is bad ” The law does not apply to the Holy Grail nine, but the Holy Grail nine should “ Both people and money ” of The rich man was very satisfied with his current situation. He held his chest proudly, showing a certain degree of conceit. This card can also be compared with coin six. In coin six, we can see a rich man with his palm down and a beggar with his palm up; The rich man of the Holy Grail 9 sat with his chest in his arms, showing a simple satisfaction, invisibly isolated from the outside world, and even vaguely showing a certain flashy meaning.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: at present, the relationship between the two sides has been adjusted to a good frequency, and the interaction between them is also very good. It is a very happy time for love life, and both sides also cherish and strive to maintain this difficult situation. To some extent, it is a feeling of emotional harvest.
  • Wealth: you know “ Get and give ”, So you feel very happy, you will not be limited to money.
  • Career: it represents a successful situation or the feeling of meeting the current situation. From the perspective of the above class, it shows more spiritual feelings. The feeling of success because of the efforts on the work battlefield makes the spiritual level satisfied. However, in general self-employed companies and individual studios, the satisfaction on the material level is much greater than the satisfaction on the spiritual level, because under more objective conditions, What these two need is the development of the material level.
  • Appearance: it feels very approachable. It's the type of big brother and big sister next door!
  • Health: you feel satisfied with yourself now. You may not be perfect, but you are content with the status quo.

Inverse meaning

  • There will be some material losses.
  • Life is prone to mistakes.
  • The heart is full of discontent.
  • He did not know how to control himself, and his strength weakened severely.
  • Do things by halves.

In the reverse Holy Grail 9, the character falls off the chair, the trophy behind him disappears or the cup overturns, which means that he is not supported by the public and loses his current achievements. He is not sure about his performance, or even ridiculed, while the practice of his dream is rejected and his dream is shattered. Maybe what he thought was too good to achieve his own conditions. In the reverse Holy Grail 9, it implies that although I have achieved a considerable sense of achievement in terms of material and spirit, the yardstick of measuring satisfaction in my heart has been lost, resulting in my endless pursuit, which makes me lose my strength slowly.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: both parties are still dissatisfied with the current love life, and continue to communicate and discuss whether they need some new commitments or new plans. However, both parties ignore that perhaps the current ownership is enough, and perhaps the most important thing is to master the current situation. However, to a certain extent, it is because both parties are unwilling to face up to and accept each other's efforts, resulting in their own inner dissatisfaction.
  • Wealth: you may not be able to manage your money. It's a good way to find someone to help you manage your money!
  • Career: if ordinary office workers get this card, they are likely to be workaholics or socialists, who adjust their work attitude too tight. For self-employed companies and personal studios, the reverse Holy Grail 9 may be a good card. They keep growing up because they are not satisfied. However, to some extent, they may stop growing and go to the other side.
  • Appearance: it will give others invisible pressure, because your heart is full of dissatisfaction.
  • Health: you may be addicted to food, alcohol and drugs! Love your body! How much of its cost you wasted.