Holy Grail ace

The first card of the Holy Grail (Holy Grail ace, Holy Grail ACE)


The happiness of family life. Other related cards will inject more connotation into it, so you can see guests' visits, moves, quarrels, banquets and parties.

Deck interpretation

The first card of the Holy Grail is also called & ldquo; Holy Grail ace& ldquo; Holy Grail ace & rdquo;, The element representing water tells us & ldquo; Love & rdquo; Importance in life. The background of the card is a pool of water lilies. The depth of the pool can be imagined. It represents the depth and richness of love, which no one can measure. The white dove and the Eucharist on this card represent the foundation of the soul, which gives real meaning to emotion. The hand in the card stretches out from the cloud (soul) and holds a holy grail. The water overflows from it and flows into a pond, which indicates that the source of emotional satisfaction is the soul, and when you get more in touch with the soul, you can enjoy more love and richer feelings. Life is to be enriched by constantly giving and receiving love. Understand life through mutual harmony and emotional expression. The focus of life is to meet the needs of love. Also in the impact of life events again and again, I learned the true meaning of love!


The first card of the Holy Grail indicates the beginning of a new relationship or friendship. This is a very good sign for interpersonal relationships. New feelings and friendships, no matter what kind of relationship, are good. At the beginning of emotion, love and care are often overflowing, which can make people feel joy and satisfaction from the bottom of their heart. We should know how to repay each other generously and cherish this blessing. In the divination of love, the first card of the Holy Grail is indeed a positive card, suggesting that there is spiritual connection between the two of you. Whether at the beginning or when the two enter a new stage, it is a link generated from the soul and combined due to love. If the questioner has maintained this relationship for a long time and the first card of the Holy Grail appears, take a good look at the cards around and be careful of the object of the affair. If there is speculation unrelated to feelings, the first card of the Holy Grail indicates that the situation needs to be resolved patiently with love.

Positive meaning

  • Aimao has sprouted and started to pursue a better life bravely.
  • Have wedding celebrations, or friends and relatives around you.
  • My heart is full of happiness.
  • Deo gratias.

The Holy Grail is a way of dealing with and operating emotion. Water symbolizes emotion, and the trend of water flow is the trend of emotion. The emotional level represented by the first card of the Holy Grail is a feeling and situation related to happiness. These complex compositions on the card are to illustrate the inner moving, spiritual pleasure and spiritual satisfaction.

The first card of the Holy Grail represents all positive emotions, whether excited or quiet and profound. The cup is full of water, which represents abundant emotion. The flowing water is joy, joy and emotional communication. Some decorations on the Holy Grail are to present a feeling of beauty and pleasure. The most important emotion in the world is "love". Naturally, this card is particularly related to love. The first card of the Holy Grail indicates true love and warm heart, as well as the root and feeling of love. Such a strong emotional symbol, of course, can represent a love, and can be very eager, tender and harmonious with each other.

The dove holding the Eucharist and pouring it into the water cup is like touching your heart. It may have the meaning of religious belief, representing the call of the Holy Spirit or blessing to the soul, and indicating many religious related matters. However, this is also the Enlightenment of general emotion. The pigeon brings emotional information, which is accepted by the Holy Grail with an open mind, and casts this mysterious induction into the cup. This spiritual vitamin is the power and key to start the gushing of water column, and it is also the opportunity for emotional communication and the beginning of a relationship.

The inverted M symbol cast and printed on the cup has many related connections, but they all mean to accept and bear everything of feelings and hearts. The drops of water are the portrayal of various emotional stages and experiences. The gesture of holding the Holy Grail in your hand represents careful care and care. It is a response dominated by the other party and a flexible treatment and appeal. This card also shows that people are treated sincerely and promoted by the principle of good faith and mutual assistance. Therefore, it is very beneficial to all kinds of interpersonal emotions. We should look at the types of questions to answer.

The outflow of the five water columns represents the inspiration of many different levels, the moving of various emotions, the starting of various feelings, and the interaction of various interpersonal relationships. Because the water flow of the Holy Grail is connected with the water on the ground, it represents deep and high satisfaction, comprehensive moving, and has substantial dependence. The water surface of the first card of the Holy Grail symbolizes the deepest corner of people's heart. It can represent the love of the family, a specific residence or a real inner home. It not only has emotional communication, but also has substantive feeding. Therefore, in terms of material and money, it is also very rich. It is in a state of fertility and even has a better prospect.

Meaning corresponding to all levels of life

  • Love: you should have a new relationship, or enter a new stage from the original relationship. Your emotion is about to enter a very satisfied period!
  • Wealth: you have begun to meet your wealth, but you enjoy it. You should also be very satisfied with the current situation!
  • Career: this card indicates that you have opened your heart and are willing to accept new opportunities, so this job should be a very good job for you!
  • Appearance: you should make others feel very stable!
  • Health: your health situation will move towards a better stage because of your inner satisfaction. Generally speaking, the situation is good!

Inverse meaning

  • Hypocrisy should be thrown away.
  • No love for the suitor.
  • A single lovesickness needs to be rid of as much as possible.
  • There are hidden worries in joy.

The first card of the inverted Holy Grail is the overturned cup, which can't hold water. It represents the lack of emotional level. Even though it is happy on the surface, in fact, it doesn't feel completely happy in the heart. In fact, it is lonely or hidden frustration, and even implies living a poor life, regardless of material or emotional level.

When the first card of the Holy Grail is in the reverse position, the emotional water is countercurrent, drained and chaotic. At this time, the emotional trend is incorrect, and the communication between the two people is very problematic. Due to the lack of real emotional communication, it is difficult to find a pleasant feeling. Otherwise, you are dazzled by love, blinded by selfish desires, and your emotional side becomes very unreal. You blindly believe in each other or love, rely too much on this relationship, or invest in a unrequited relationship.

The fluctuation of water is difficult to control. It is a symbol of instability. There will be ups and downs in emotional phenomena. You may encounter unexpected changes in emotional relations, which will make you feel surprised and unhappy. The pool becomes the illusion of floating surface, which also means that emotion is hypocritical and has no real root. At this time, feelings lose their pure light, which is easy to form hypocrisy, and the phenomenon of excessive love. They lack a sincere heart to face others. Even the inner emotion is inconsistent with the external performance, full of contradictory and complex feelings and interpersonal relationships.

Meaning corresponding to all levels of life

  • Love: you should try to make yourself feel more stable in this love, and look for the source of love from your heart, so that you can jump out of the status quo.
  • Wealth: you may pay too much attention to your wealth, but what should be yours will be yours, so replenishing your mind is better than making money!
  • Career: you can't give full play at work because your mind has lost its goal. Try to liberate yourself from expectations. I believe it will greatly improve your creativity at work.
  • Appearance: may be slightly melancholy and seem to be trapped by troubles.
  • Health: you lose the connection with your inner body. You start to focus on the body. In fact, if you adjust from the heart, you will have real health!