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Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Tarot basic mean

The happiness of family life. Some other relevant cards will inject more connotations for it, so you can see the guests visit, move, quarrel, banquet and party.

Card explanation

The cup in the picture is used by Jesus at the last supper. After the death of Jesus, his blood is filled with the cup. The dove is the symbol of Holy Spirit in the Catholic, a symbol of the wafer of Jesus body, will enter the Holy cup from top to bottom, it is a symbol of the soul into the physical world. Five organs of the flowing water represent five organs of human being. Below the water lotuses are blossoming, which is a symbol of the awakened human soul. The hand is outstretched from the cloud gently and holding the Holy cup filled with infinite love. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of a new relationship.


This card indicates the start of a new relationship or friendship. At the beginning of the emotion we have full of love and care, we should know how to generously return to the other and cherish the happiness. If this relationship has been maintained for a long time, this card appeared, you must have a look around the cards. Be careful of the unfaithful object. If it is not about the speculation of feelings, this card appeared, it shows that this situation needs to be resolved by love and patience.

  Normotopia meaning

  • Love has been sprouting from earth, in pursuit of happy life boldly.
  • Happy event, or the friends around and the relatives.
  • The heart is full of happiness. 
  • All the best.

Inversion meaning

  • Get rid of hypocrisy.
  • No love for suitor.
  • A single lovesickness, must get rid of.
  • Joy with worry.