Holy Grail six

Holy Grail six


Credulous. You are easily cheated, especially by your untrustworthy companions.

Deck interpretation

In the colorful garden, a little boy was holding and smelling the flowers in the Holy Grail. It seemed that he was going to give it to the little girl in front of him. The whole picture is full of rich fairy tale color, which makes people recall their childhood memories. Holy Grail six represents the people and things related to the past. In addition, it also represents homesickness, just like the manor on the way. Full of flowers, full of laughter, carefree and homesick.

There is a bodyguard on the left side of the card to guard the road, which means that he doesn't want anyone to disturb this memory. The person concerned may be addicted to the good memories of the past. If the person concerned comes from the Holy Grail of sadness, he may need some experience of the good past with others, as well as the current need for simple interpersonal care to spend the sad period. There is no need to understand the relationship between human and worldly sophistication, Unconditional care from others can smooth the feeling of confusion and sadness. If a boy presents flowers to a girl's loving appearance, Holy Grail 6 can also show care and gift.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Holy Grail six card represents a stable, safe, comfortable and warm relationship, environment or feeling, or that you are currently surrounded by a strong and secure feeling. To some extent, sometimes this kind of feeling is because of my previous efforts or created by myself. However, this card also lost some things because of some protection. It may be an opportunity, an idea, or a freedom in psychology or life, but I am used to it. I am willing. Maybe it is because I am a little tired from the previous struggle. I want to find a safe place to recharge and rest, and re plan my future direction.

Positive meaning

  • Trapped in memories, difficult to extricate themselves.
  • Childhood experiences are unforgettable and affect your current emotions and behaviors.
  • Although we are apart, we can see each other again.
  • Always sentimental and emotionally unstable.
  • Nostalgia that can not be dispelled like fog.

The Holy Grail six sometimes represents homesickness. Hometown is like the manor of the Holy Grail six middle school. There are laughter, memories and the careful care of your family, which makes you carefree. Looking at the loving manner in which a boy presents flowers to a girl, grail six can also show care and gift, or receive a legacy. You may get special care from someone, as if he put you in this safe manor; It may also represent giving or receiving gifts. More broadly, providing experience and education is also a form of gift. The happiness of Holy Grail 6 is very simple, just like childhood. Sometimes it's just a cup of coffee made by a good friend for you, and you can feel supreme joy. After the sorrow of grail five, sometimes we need to escape into memories to rediscover ourselves before we can move on. By reflecting on past experiences, you can gain inspiration and regenerative power. Sometimes grail six reminds us to be as generous and willing to give as a boy. If you have hatred, please put it down and forgive it, then you can get real harmony.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: maybe the patterns you choose your partner are the continuation of some previous patterns, or you and your current partner are very secure, safe and familiar. The current relationship between the two sides has no obstacles or problems, and the interaction between them is also very good. In many ways, it seems to be so perfect. However, this kind of relationship has a small disadvantage, that is, the self space between the two sides is reduced, and the demand for the mastery of the other side is greatly increased. In other words, having a sense of security is another explanation for the lack of a sense of security.
  • Wealth: your income has always been in a very stable state. You will not suddenly get rich or lose money, so don't worry about it!
  • Career: basically, you don't need a card to tell you anything, because your working environment is always the same. It is a safe and secure career, but it lacks challenges. I am very satisfied with the current situation and am content with the status quo. Maybe this is good, but I can not grow up. Moreover, I am too content with the status quo, resulting in laziness, self-improvement and the loss of ambition. Maybe this situation is good for ordinary office workers, but it is a great fatal injury for them to have their own company and personal studio, because it also means that their career cannot grow and progress, and it is also possible to be caught up by their peers.
  • Appearance: you may have a baby face! It's hard to guess the age!
  • Health: you may have a very comfortable state, which will make your physical condition move towards a better state, so health - good!

Inverse meaning

  • Good luck will come soon. We need to wait in the struggle.
  • Care more about the future than the past.
  • Begin to have a long-term plan, and be able to live or work with great foresight.

The reversed Holy Grail six represents that the memories of the past may not be good, and even have tragic experiences and injured childhood. Emotionally speaking, the memories created by both parties are not good, which may be the injury or quarrel in some relationship. In addition, the guard left his original position, indicating that the person concerned no longer recalls or is unwilling to recall the past, moves forward to the front of life and looks to the future. The reversed Holy Grail six represents that although we are in a safe and protected environment, we are not willing to be restricted and bound, and because we keep that ambition, we have more possibilities to break through the current situation. To some extent, the reversed Holy Grail 6 also represents dissatisfaction with the current environment, and wants to break through and find a newer and better environment.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: there may be a deeper relationship between the two of you, which will only make you no longer live as safe as before. After all, some changes have to pay more! Although the relationship between the two sides is stable at present, it is possible for them to look for stimulation and new peaks. To some extent, it means that both parties' sensitivity and demand for feelings are increasing, and they are constantly looking for new breakthroughs to increase the interest and communication between the two sides.
  • Fortune: now you should want to do some stock investment business! Although it is risky, you still want to try.
  • Career: it means that in a safe and stable environment, the unstable factors in my heart are ready to move, and I want to break through the current situation by arousing my long-standing ambition. Maybe you will take the job you haven't had the courage to do for a long time. You think it's time for you to challenge yourself, because you don't want to live the same life as before. However, the reverse Holy Grail 6 is a little bad for ordinary office workers, because this feeling makes good office workers want to move, and the most common cause is job hopping. However, it is a good card for those who have their own company or personal studio. They are dissatisfied with the current situation and the demand for growth has increased greatly, which makes their upward momentum operate continuously, and it is possible to increase their reputation and profits.
  • Appearance: it gives people a new feeling, as if they have made “ Transformation ” Same!
  • Health: you should want to exert your physical strength to the highest point! But remember not to make yourself too tired!