Scepter attendant

Scepter attendant

Deck interpretation

The young man in the picture is facing the picture on the right side. Living in the middle of the desert, he stands a scepter in front of him. He holds the scepter with both hands to keep it upright and lifts it off the ground. The white hat symbolizes his purity. The red feathers on it remind people of the feathers on the head. Therefore, it can be imagined that the scepter attendant is naive, unstable and immature. Although he is a fool, his manner is serious. He is a scepter attendant, an attendant appointed to maintain the scepter. Holding the scepter is his task, and his role is to issue decrees for the royal family. He raised his head slightly and looked at the top of the scepter. This gesture was just announcing the news or issuing a decree with his head held high, as if announcing the possession of the territory. He was wearing gold clothes embroidered with the pattern of salamander. His cloak and boots were also the whole body collocation of orange, which symbolized his status and talent; The inside of the clothes is red, symbolizing his inner enthusiasm and courage. The sky is clear with three pyramids in the background, which is the ancient civilized country of Egypt.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The appearance of the scepter attendant represents the beginning of a new plan, the preparation and start of a new life goal and direction, a new action, a good new idea, a new scheme, or a new message from afar, so that you can start to make some new plans and actions. Although this card represents the beginning, it mainly focuses on thinking, planning, planning and conceptual design before starting to act. It is planned and carefully planned, so the development of everything is under our control, and there will be no uncontrolled situation. On the other hand, the scepter attendant usually represents a child, who is energetic, energetic, enthusiastic, and has a very positive personality, with a strong hint of movement. The scepter attendant also represents that he has a strong desire to control the current situation and wants to make a big change in the current situation.

Positive meaning

  • Represents an honest person.
  • Good news is coming.
  • A good assistant or assistant.
  • Information worthy of reference.

The scepter attendants belong to the first rank in the power status. They usually represent people at the lower level of the class, such as newcomers, work students, clerks delivering information, and assistant assistants. In the positive position, do a good job in the role of service, pay attention to the people with higher power, ask for advice with an open mind, and learn from them. As far as a novice is concerned, he is just like a budding life. The future is full of infinite possibilities for growth. He has a lively and frank personality with longing for the future. The scepter attendant role itself is the messenger of information, and the scepter is the symbol of life, so it may represent the arrival of a new opportunity, a good opportunity in line with the life plan.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: it can be said that it is the beginning of a new relationship, or your relationship has entered a new stage. At the same time, you should exercise your body more to have a happy life!
  • Wealth: you are a hard-working person and do not like laziness. After hard work, you will bring considerable wealth. It can be invested and managed. I believe it will bring you more considerable wealth!
  • Career: your current job may not be able to meet your needs. You want to get a higher sense of achievement with a deeper job. I suggest you can go to the tourism industry and be a tour guide!
  • Appearance: you are suitable for a lively appearance. The cowboy dress gives people a youthful feeling. It is very suitable for you!
  • Health: good health and full of energy. As long as you keep moderate and continuous exercise, you can do more aerobic exercise at ordinary times. Of course, you don't have to worry about your health!

Inverse meaning

  • Bad news came.
  • out of the mouth comes evil.
  • A state of uneasy confusion.
  • Lack of mature thinking and decision-making ability.

The reverse Scepter attendants always make people feel uneducated, unmotivated, awed by power, unwilling to be controlled, self righteous and smart. In fact, they are ignorant and often show off themselves. They don't know what they are doing. Self centered, but his ability is not recognized by others; Or it may pretend to be imposing and uncontrolled in front of others under the pretext of power. Or they can't master the skills of learning. They try a little, but they don't do well in everything and work. Or three minutes of enthusiasm, doing things is just a brain, often find new and interesting things and give up the current goal. In terms of message transmission, the reverse role of Scepter attendant may represent job opportunities or related messages that do not conform to the life plan, or excessive waiting for opportunities without making efforts.

The reversed Scepter attendant also represents that he has slowed down his action force, or is difficult to start, or even begins to be indecisive because he thinks too much, thinks too long, and plans too complicated. To some extent, the appearance of the reverse Scepter attendant also means that the whole thing has come to a standstill because of too much planning and preparation, or too much action at the beginning. The reverse Scepter attendant also represents that he is hesitant because he thinks too much and too much. Of course, the reverse Scepter attendants also have a strong hint of being delayed, perhaps because of external forces or their own reasons.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: with your personality, you need to maintain your feelings with your heart. In this way, love will last forever! Try to avoid being impatient and ending your relationship early!
  • Wealth: try to avoid hesitating before taking action, which will only make you miss the good opportunity to invest, reduce the accumulation of wealth, and take the opportunity to cultivate the determination to make decisions!
  • Career: you have lost your motivation for work. It seems that you just want a living salary and can't get a sense of achievement. I suggest you re - examine what is your favorite job!
  • Appearance: keep a fresh and clean appearance, simple style, will give people a very comfortable feeling, and the mood will be more pleasant!
  • Health: you should pay more attention to your health. Proper exercise is necessary. Now you are a little lack of exercise! You might as well find someone to exercise with you!