Complete collection of tarot card array -- seven planets conjecture

The so-called seven planet conjecture method refers to the seven planets in astrology in the Middle Ages: the moon, Saturn, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter and mercury. The seven planets are used to infer a person's various states in different fields.

“ Seven planet conjecture ” Follow “ Fate conjecture ” A bit like, all use seven cards, but the type of problem solving is different. The predestination method is specially used to calculate love, while the seven stars method is a fortuitous algorithm that looks at a person's current state in all aspects.

1、 Scope of application

When we need to make a comprehensive analysis of a thing, and then get all aspects of the situation, then we can choose the seven planet card array. The seven planet card array is a card array that analyzes the nature of an event or makes a comprehensive judgment on all aspects of the problem. However, this card array has a certain degree of difficulty, because the connotation of planets is very broad, and ordinary people may be at a loss when facing various answers. In addition, the relationship between the planets is not easy to be understood by ordinary people, so this card array is more suitable for those who have some research on astrology.

2、 Pendulum method

  • After washing the cards, put all the cards back up, spread them out in a fan and hold them with your left hand. Note: the hand-held end must be the downward end just after cutting the card!
  • Ask the questioner to choose any seven cards and put them in positions 1 to 7 as shown in the above figure.
  • Open the deck and begin to interpret.

3、 Memorial tablet implication

The seven cards here represent different planets.

  • The moon represents family factors or a sense of security.
  • Mercury, on behalf of business and trade, also means communication and interaction with others.
  • Venus, which means financial and interpersonal relationships, also represents people's love life.
  • The sun represents status and glory, and is related to personal self-expression.
  • Mars, which means problems and conflicts, is also related to an individual's ability to act.
  • Jupiter, representing opportunity and luck, is related to one's long-term goals.
  • Saturn, representing responsibility and limitation, is also related to human diseases.

The cut card is located in the center of the card array, which represents the subjective idea of the diviner. If the indicator is used, it indicates the characteristics of the diviner.

4、 Unwinding sequence

When uncovering cards, first evaluate the impact of cutting cards or indicators on the whole card array. Secondly, the most influential part is related to which card in the card array. Thirdly, the cards are solved according to the order of the moon, mercury, Venus, sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Finally, all the information is integrated to make suggestions to the diviner.

5、 Precautions

The seven stars of the seven planet card array represent different aspects, but they do not all occupy the same position in any divination. If the questioner's question is more inclined to a certain aspect, then the card representing the meaning of this aspect is more important. For example, if it is a family problem, we should pay more attention to the moon; If it's a communication problem, you should focus on mercury.

In addition, cutting cards or indicators will affect each card in the card array, and the seven cards in the card array will also affect each other. In the final analysis, whose influence is greater depends on which card the diviner asks.