Scepter eight

Scepter eight

Deck interpretation

Scepter 8 is one of the few small cards without characters and story scenes. It seems difficult to understand, but its meaning is also clear. A river runs across the vast green grassland, and eight scepters are arranged in parallel above the river. The scepters are inclined, as if they were clicking on the river, which reminds people of Moses' crutches. It is a symbol of the beginning and end of all actions. Before taking action, everyone thinks, imagines, speculates, lobbies and is full of illusions. Then everyone decides on their actions, everything is down-to-earth, and puts their ideas into practice. Scepter 8 means that it is time to show yourself. Don't hesitate. All factors are ready. Strike while the iron is hot. Once the action begins, he will make rapid progress. It seems that a hurricane will roll people up, and soon the dust will settle, and we can see the progress of the plan.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Scepter 8 has a very obvious and strong hint of mobility. On the patterns of Scepter 8 in general, there are mostly eight scepters flying in the sky, which also represents the mobility of Scepter 8 that is not easily bound and fully free. This card also represents that my current plan has not been restricted or hindered. I have very free space to implement it and give full play to my potential and plan. This card also represents your goal. Because it is correct and can be achieved smoothly, you are also moving towards your goal happily and freely. On the other hand, Scepter 8 also has a strong travel hint, or a planned trip. This card also represents an experience. At present, I am experiencing the effort before success, or the joy of success, and have a new experience by choosing the right path.

Positive meaning

  • Quick action.
  • It's better to make a travel plan.
  • Make a decision decisively and take action immediately.
  • Work hard and move forward bravely.
  • See or hear some very important information, which must be carefully identified.
  • Finish the task at hand and prepare for the next one.

The element of fire shows unrestrained and flowing energy in the scepter 8. The number 8 is a powerful number. The element of fire gives full play to the most direct energy release here. Therefore, Scepter 8 symbolizes the most infinite and crazy action surface of the fire element. The eight scepters of Scepter eight flew in the same direction, like a group of meteors, fast and amazing. No one catches them, which is a symbol of freedom and freedom from restriction. In particular, they are not a scepter standing in the soil, and their mobility is their most representative model. Eight scepters cross the water, with hints of travel. Flying in the air is an open and aboveboard announcement of their actions to the world, and the dissemination of information is also carried out at a high speed. Such a flight picture means that things can be realized quickly. Maybe it will be a surprise. The eight scepters also mean that you may want to learn from them, and have like-minded partners to complete some things crazily, although it may come and go quickly.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this Scepter eight is in a positive position, it means that the relationship between you is very sound, because you give each other enough space to have their own lives and friends.
  • Wealth: when this Scepter 8 is in a positive position, your wealth will be created without limit, because your life is full of many passions and is quite attractive to money.
  • Career: when the eight positions of this Scepter are positive, it means that your work is smooth and you have a lot of energy, so you can always give full play to your work and break through difficulties.
  • Appearance: your appearance is very sunny and gives people the feeling of freedom.
  • Health: when this Scepter eight is in the positive position, it means that we can know how healthy you are now from your ruddy face. Congratulations!

Inverse meaning

  • There is an argument.
  • The family is not very harmonious.
  • Action was not swift enough, and progress was delayed.

The reverse Scepter 8 may be that the arrow in the air is skewed, indicating that the action force is inconsistent. Sometimes it is too impatient and impulsive, sometimes it is too slow, there is no progress, and it is stagnant. At the level of action, it is unable to cooperate, coordinate, and lose control. The reverse Scepter eight represents the delay of the plan and the beginning of problems in one's mastery of the plan. Usually, such out of control occurs suddenly and makes one unprepared. Because of this, it reflects the very weak side of their adaptability, and there will be a little idea of evading responsibility at the beginning. The obstacles ahead are gradually increasing, and I don't have enough ambition and strength to break through.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the card of Scepter 8 is handstand, it means that your sexual relationship has not achieved the development you expected. This is because you will always quarrel or let jealousy destroy the trust that has been built between you.
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter 8 appears, it means that you are always dreaming about how to make money in the performance of wealth, but you will not really implement the money making plan you want.
  • Career: when this reverse Scepter 8 appears, it means that you are full of enthusiasm in your work. However, your plan fails because you always have empty enthusiasm but lack serious consideration of the actual situation.
  • Appearance: the appearance of this card means that your appearance gives people a feeling of fantasy.
  • Health: when this reverse Scepter 8 appears, the interpretation of health means that although you plan how to keep fit, you never succeed because it is inconsistent with the actual situation!