Scepter II

Scepter II

Deck interpretation

Scepter 2 praises personal courage and greatness. Like the magician card, it shows energy, but the magician represents natural ability. Scepter 2 represents personal creativity and ability. The figure in the picture looks out into the distance at the sea, the mountains and the land where people live. He holds a scepter in his left hand and leans on carved stone piers, symbolizing the foundation of wisdom and power. His right hand holds not only a miniature of the earth, but also a mysterious crystal ball, symbolizing the power and energy of domination. The energy comes from God. He passes us and returns to the world.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Scepter 2 is a lord who looks into the distance and thinks about how to expand his territory and how to make more flags fly in the castle. Therefore, for this deck of cards, it is the expansion of power. In the picture, a scepter has been fixed on the castle wall, which means that there is a solid foundation and a certain position of power. In a stable direction, holding the earth, taking charge of the power bureau, taking a long-term view, thinking about the future development path, we can annexe each other, negotiate mergers and acquisitions, or talk about cooperative relations to extend our own power.

Positive meaning

  • Have power and power.
  • Use your power correctly.
  • Full of personal charm.
  • Abandon the old staleness and create a new life.
  • Extra courage and creativity.

Scepter 2 represents choices. Now is the time to face important choices. There are two simple ways. One is to continue to stay in the current situation, a familiar situation, and the other is to change yourself, grow yourself through travel or learning, and broaden your vision and territory. On the other hand, Scepter 2 can also represent your own growth, I feel that the current space is not enough. If I start planning and decide what to do next, it is a card with a strong sense of decision. Most of this decision card refers to the decision of material appearance, such as changing jobs, moving houses and changing cars. Some of them are more specific changes in life. When I ask about my career planning, The appearance of this card mostly means that you are currently deciding whether to change your job or trade track. Although you don't want to put forward it, emotionally, it formally means that you have two choices or are deciding on a love affair.

Scepter two does not represent action, that is, this card is not action, but decision. When you draw this card, it can also indicate that you are currently making a choice between habit and hope. Let's further study the emotional definition of Scepter 2. In addition to the above, Scepter 2 also represents a decision on whether the relationship between the two sides should be further developed and whether a strong commitment should be made. It can also indicate whether the interaction between the two sides stays at the current situation or goes further. This decision usually has a far-reaching impact.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this upright Scepter two card appears, it means that you should now decide to make a deeper commitment to the other party, and the appearance of this card suggests that you should think more deeply.
  • Wealth: when this upright Scepter 2 card appears, it shows in the performance of wealth that you will lose money recently because you are upset and angry. Be careful!
  • Career: when this upright card of Scepter 2 appears, the implication of work means that you are deciding whether to change your industry. Now you don't act but think and make decisions.
  • Appearance: your appearance will give people a feeling of scheming!
  • Health: when this upright Scepter II card appears, you may feel a little uncomfortable because of a hesitant decision in your heart.

Inverse meaning

  • There was an accident.
  • Things got into trouble.
  • Living in poverty or illness.
  • Restrictions on movement.
  • Don't indulge in the feeling of power and lose your mind.

The reversed Scepter 2 may mean that you no longer think and start to act, because you have taken your Scepter away from the current castle, indicating that you have expanded to a distant place. In addition, it may also mean that the plan is not well planned. If you return to your existing castle, you will be incompetent for the new power status and return to your original position.

However, in the reverse Scepter 2, it can be implied that this decision has brought me considerable trouble, and I am afraid of entering another challenge because I do not have enough confidence in myself. When asked about the choice, the reverse Scepter II appears, which means that you should give up the choice and evaluation and enter the new environment directly. Don't hesitate, because this card also means that you have spent too much time on decision, making you have lost the most golden time. Another saying is that there is no time to choose. If you continue to delay, you will only lose more things.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this handstand Scepter two card appears, in the performance of love, it means that you are always hesitant and lack confidence in yourself, which makes your attitude towards the other party become repeatedly uncertain.
  • Wealth: when this handstand Scepter two card appears, on the display of wealth, it means that you will only care about your achievements and make your purse thinner and thinner. Be careful!
  • Career: you are actually dissatisfied with your current job, but you have been persuading yourself to settle down, but this delay will only make you feel less fulfilled in your work!
  • Appearance: you give the impression that you are conservative and old-fashioned! Change it!
  • Health: when this handstand Scepter two card appears, you often doubt whether you are sick and nervous to see a doctor all day long, but in fact you are quite healthy!