Holy Grail III

Holy Grail III


Rash and rash decisions will bring bad luck to a good cause.

Deck interpretation

Three brightly dressed women, wearing garlands symbolizing harvest, formed a circle around each other and held up the Holy Grail to celebrate each other. Their faces are filled with happiness. There are pumpkins and gourds around them. A woman holds a bunch of grapes in her hand. It is a scene of bumper harvest. The three women have different colors of hair and eyes, and their clothes are also very different, which means that they are all independent individuals with their own personality, but they can get along well with each other and form a circle, indicating that there is no distinction between them. In this picture, which symbolizes celebration and group cooperation, there is an atmosphere of celebrating success. The Holy Grail III is also a symbol of friendship. In addition to the celebration, the Holy Grail III also has a symbol of standing on top. All parties have equal power and stand in a stalemate, which contains a variety of possibilities.


The Holy Grail III card has a very strong meaning of celebration, sharing and joy together. It is easy to see that this card mostly represents the success of a thing, and brings a celebration, or success through an obstacle. Of course, it also represents the happy mood that the previous efforts have achieved twice the result with half the effort. And this card also implies reunion or a happy party. It is a card of success and laughter because of success. On the other hand, this card also represents that there are many ways to choose, or there will be many choices to choose, and these choices are good, which makes me very excited, so there will be situations where I don't know which way to choose. However, no matter how you choose, the final result is satisfactory.

From the emotional point of view, the Holy Grail III can represent that the previous efforts to pursue get good response and results at the moment, or that the interaction between the two sides has made very good progress, making the two sides go more stable and smooth on the road of affection. But on the other hand, the appearance of this card represents that in his current love life, there is another choice. If another suitor appears when his feelings are not stable, the appearance of this card represents that he has a choice; However, if it appears when it has settled down, it may represent an affair or a two-way deal, and it is a symbol of success. Therefore, to some extent, it is a card with minor emotional shortcomings.

In business, the Holy Grail three represents a symbol of success. Workers have the opportunity to raise wages and make contributions to the company; Those who set up their own companies have the possibility of capital increase, business expansion and order increase to make the company thrive. The personal studio is the continuous receipt of orders for new cases and the improvement of self ability and performance. This card appears in the business, which is really very happy.

Positive meaning

  • Things are difficult to settle.
  • A decision needs to be made.
  • A happy marriage.
  • Life starts anew.
  • The contradictory relationship was reconciled.
  • The wound has healed.

The Holy Grail III is a hedonic card. It is a scene of group gatherings and multi person gatherings. Parties, partying, and various hedonic gatherings belong to it. It belongs to the upsurge of water elements, the upsurge of emotions, and the enjoyment of happiness. Therefore, it is a scene with various material fruits interspersed on the map. The harvest scene shows that this card is also related to the celebration banquet. After a period of efforts, we can get a harvest celebration, such as the celebration after reaching a consensus and signing a contract. We can have a cup of wine and be happy.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: if you don't have a partner now, or there are many objects and you don't know how to choose, or there will be a third party between you and him (referring to children).
  • Wealth: you don't need to worry about your wealth. Now you should have received your due reward and can start celebrating.
  • Career: if you are looking for a job, then many job opportunities will suddenly appear at this time. Otherwise, the results of your work have been rewarded or successful.
  • Appearance: it looks optimistic and gives people a relaxed and lively feeling.
  • Health: if you pay attention to and take good care of your body, this card means that you will obviously see that your body is getting better!

Inverse meaning

  • Things have gone too far.
  • All the happiness and Sorrow come.
  • Happiness is accompanied by pain.
  • Bad eating habits.
  • Procrastination.

Attention should be paid to the inverse Holy Grail 3. It may be too indulgent, and the phenomenon of derailment and transgression occurs. The other three are many. In particular, the Holy Grail 3 has the meaning of a group. Therefore, the inverse Holy Grail 3 or the involvement of a third party may occur in the relationship, and there are hidden relationships or messages under the table. In addition, the third Holy Grail of inversion also means that we may not be able to reach a consensus, there is no common emotional combination, and we get together. Although it is a toast to each other on the surface, there is no water in the cup. It also means that interpersonal relationships are only superficial. Everyone may have other intentions when they are together. At present, it seems that the happiness is just an affectation, there are other plans in private, or there are small circles in the group, Form the emotions in the group. Small circles of emotions pull each other.

The reverse Holy Grail 3 still implies success. However, such success does not satisfy you very much, or you feel that there is a great gap with the preset in your heart, resulting in a sense of loss. To a certain extent, this card also represents that the previous efforts and self-confidence are too strong, leading to a little conceit, and the time to achieve success is slower. On the other hand, the explanation is that there is only three minutes of enthusiasm for things, resulting in the possibility that the original preset goal can not be achieved.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: maybe your relationship is short and not long. If you don't expect it to be long, it will be a good relationship for you. You can get a lot from it.
  • Wealth: now you feel that your wealth is enough for you to squander, so you begin to relax. You should pay attention that maybe this is just for a while.
  • Career: you may feel that you are always working actively, and you have achieved success at the same time, so you should refuel and maintain it. Don't let it be just a temporary phenomenon.
  • Appearance: it may seem a little difficult to get close to. It is a leading role!
  • Health: maybe your health is not as good as you expected, so you are disappointed. In fact, compared with others, it should be good!