Scepter IV

Scepter IV

Deck interpretation

All four scepters stand upright on ground. No one holds them, but they can stand up steadily. They are pure natural forces. The four giant scepters are neatly arranged into quadrangles to form four pillars, which can set up a stable tent and give a solid sense of protection and security. The four pillars stand in the foreground, with garlands and ribbons hanging in the middle. The wreath is very colorful. There are flowers and fruits. The two ends are at the outer column end and hang vertically across the inner two columns.

Behind the four scepters stood two women, still holding garlands in their hands, waving and waving, waving and cheering to the front. The happy scene of the young couple (two people) symbolizes the completion of their new house. Both women are dressed in Greek style, wrapped in white robes, symbolizing the purity and elegance of their hearts. The one on the left wears a blue coat, and the one on the right wears an ochre coat, which is a contrast between tranquility and enthusiasm. There is a house in the background. It is a castle style building. There are many buildings in succession. The foundation seems to be connected with the mountain. The house of the old manor is some distance away from them. There is a bridge between them. It is located on the right side of the picture on their left. It is above the river. You can only reach the house through this bridge. The red roofs of the castle are usually pointed.

The largest building is in the middle of the picture, indicating the importance of this card tower and building, but not higher than the wreath at the top of the scepter in the picture. This also means that the building is “ Tower ” The card is low-key and blessed with joy, so it can have real stability. At the bottom left of the picture, there are other figures behind in the distance. Several children are playing. They hold hands and jump around in circles. These scenes weave an atmosphere of harmony and happiness, and also have a warm feeling of home.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The fourth scepter is a celebration scene, a festival activity, and a celebration of the gains and achievements of the work. The characters walk out of the castle and come to the front square to celebrate, accompanied by the music of the orchestra and various celebrations. The four scepters ahead and the melons and fruits on the scepters represent the efforts of the people to complete a harvest. Everyone is happy to celebrate.

Four represents stability, so it is a stable phenomenon in the emotional relationship in the four scepters, and the scepter is an element of fire, so this stability needs to add an element of ignition and vitality. The stable growth relationship and the gentle development of love are full of a sense of security. In addition, this card is also a family card. The arrangement of the men and women in front and the whole scene is similar to the wedding field, so there are also signs of marriage. Work is the fruit of prosperity, and work is fruitful.

Positive meaning

  • A scene of peace and prosperity.
  • Romantic feelings, or a happy home life.
  • The relationship is stable and the interaction between them is deeper and deeper.
  • Solid academic or career foundation.
  • It represents celebration banquet, wedding, party and other festive events.

The card of Scepter 4 clearly implies a stable and peaceful family life or work environment. Scepter 4 also implies that the external enthusiasm and liveliness of the scepter are slowly changing to a more stable and stable state. The plan pursued in Scepter 3 is stable or confirmed in Scepter 4. This card can often represent a new house relocation or a work change, In addition, it also means that you are settling down and developing steadily in the current environment.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the front of the scepter 4 appears, your feelings have stabilized in the expression of love, and you can start to consider building a new warm nest together!
  • Wealth: when there is a positive side of the scepter 4, if you can put aside your personal interests and cooperate with others, you will bring more money!
  • Career: when this Scepter 4 is positive, it means that you can cooperate with others or share the experience of friends in your work, so your performance will be booming!
  • Appearance: your appearance is the kind of sunshine, which makes people want to be close to you.
  • Health: when the front of this Scepter 4 appears, it means that you are at the peak of your health. You look ruddy and have a great way to keep healthy!

Inverse meaning

  • The state of being out of balance.
  • An unproductive, unstable relationship.
  • Not sure, a little vague.
  • Weak foundation.
  • Poor interpersonal relationship.

The reverse Scepter 4 may be that the foundation of stability has been broken and began to waver. There are cracks between relationships, resulting in poor interpersonal conditions. It may also be that the original upright scepter is skewed, various opinions are different, and the goal cannot be consistent. In addition, if the melons and fruits on the scepter are lost, it also means that there is no harvest or the harvest is poor.

Among the four scepters of the reverse position, it can represent that the current situation is still very unstable. Maybe it is the reason of the external environment, or the result of the internal unstable thinking of oneself, which makes him have to continue to find a way to stabilize. On the other hand, it implies that due to some factors, you have moved from the current stable environment to another relatively fluctuating or unstable state.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this reverse Scepter four card appears, it means that there is no progress in the partnership between you. It is not good for either of you to stand still like this!
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter four card appears, your wealth is always unstable. The money just like passing by you, does not belong to anyone, and certainly does not belong to you!
  • Career: reverse Scepter 4. You are like a hardworking worker bee. You are always busy and cannot settle down. It is also possible that what you are doing now is temporary and unstable.
  • Appearance: your appearance makes people feel tired. It seems that you haven't had a good sleep for a long time.
  • Health: the card of the reverse Scepter 4. Health means that your body has been in a state of fatigue because you are unwilling to settle down. This is what you should pay attention to!