Complete collection of tarot card array -- one week luck method

If you are not interested in the long-term fortune of one or two years, but want to know the short-term situation, this card array is most suitable for you. It can interpret what will happen to you in the coming week: especially when you plan for the coming week and want to know what will happen to you on which day, this method will be very interesting and practical. You can take out your cards at the beginning of each week (actually any day) and speculate for yourself.

1、 Scope of application

As the name suggests, the one week fortune telling method is a divination method used to interpret the fortune of the next week. Especially when you plan for the next week and want to know what will happen to you on which day, you can use this method to divine.

2、 Pendulum method

  • First, follow the general shuffle and cut procedures. After completion, fold the cards with the back side up, take out the first to seventh cards, and place them with the back side up as shown in the figure “ 1” To “ 7” In a row.
  • Next, take the eighth to fourteenth sheets (equivalent to the second row) and place them at the bottom of the first row in the same order.
  • In this way, the card array is completed, and the next step is to open the card. Open it in the order of columns. That is to say: open “ 1” And “ 8” This group, open “ 2” And “ 9” This group, and so on. Read after all are lifted.

3、 Meaning of memorial tablet

The card type has a total of 14 cards, and the two cards in the same column represent the situation that will occur on the same day. In other words, 1 and 8 represent the luck of the same day, 2 and 9 represent the luck of the other day, and so on. Seven sets of cards constitute the future of the week.

  • Serial numbers 1 and 8 represent Monday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 2 and 9 represent Tuesday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 3 and 10 represent Wednesday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 4 and 11 represent Thursday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 5 and 12 represent Friday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 6 and 13 represent Saturday's fortune
  • Serial numbers 7 and 14 represent Sunday's fortune

4、 Unwinding sequence

The most important thing to pay attention to in this card array is the order of interpretation. For example, if you help the inquirer speculate on Thursday, you should start from representing tomorrow “ Friday ” The fifth set of cards, that is “ 5” And “ 12” This group begins to solve. Saturday is the sixth set of cards “ 6” And “ 13”, Sunday is the seventh set of cards “ 7” And “ 14”, Only on Monday will I return to the first set of cards “ 1” And “ 8” To explain, and so on. That is: “ 1” To “ 7” The position of the is the absolute number of the week. Don't think it's wrong to interpret it from the first set of cards every time!

If the following cards appear in this card array, it has a unique meaning: if there is a positive " Wheel of fate " Or “ Hanging upside down ” It means good luck in the coming week; If "e; Upside down crane " Or "e; High tower " (both positive and negative positions), then this week will be more difficult, and there will be a situation in which hopes will be lost.