Scepter Knight

Scepter Knight

Deck interpretation

The scepter knight is a card full of vitality. The knight wears a helmet, armor and full armor, which represents his state of combat at any time. The yellow coat outside the armor symbolizes his status and the possibility of victory; The corners of the clothes turned into a fire danger shape. The red baby on the helmet also looked like a fire. Behind him, it was more like a flame burning, symbolizing strong courage and enthusiasm. The knight's horse is red. The posture of jumping forward symbolizes the courage to move forward. As the whole picture suggests, moving forward with the smell of fire is not only confident and brave, but also inevitably brings negative significance. For example, too much is not enough, bold but foolhardy, adventurous, reckless and arrogant.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The scepter Knight card has a strong power hint, and has a strong action force. This card also has a symbol of thinking and planning, but the hint is not so strong. It just slightly indicates that it is necessary to plan before action. On the other hand, the appearance of this card also represents the development and progress of a journey. Another important thing to mention is that this card has a strong meaning of change. It is a change that is dissatisfied with the current situation. To some extent, the scepter knight is a learning card. It has a strong sense of learning new things, or is full of enthusiasm and need for learning. Of course, this card also represents research, or discussing some things with people, but the implication is not strong, and it is rarely encountered in actual divination.

Positive meaning

  • Successful career and promotion.
  • Start a new journey, or have a new beginning in life. Challenge new things.
  • Full of confidence and irresistible charm.
  • He has a bad temper and lacks tact.

Scepter Knight ~ ~ usually refers to a move forward, change of mind, an unfinished action, an unfinished plan. In essence, it will be a long-distance message or a long-distance travel plan. In terms of work or career, it also means moving and changing jobs. If you have the first token of the scepter, the third token and the eighth token together, it means a trip. If you add the world token, it must be a trip abroad. The result of emotional problems is warm but uncommitted love. Sometimes it also represents a relationship during a trip, or a long-distance love by telephone or Internet.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: you are a love. You are a positive and enthusiastic person. You will move forward bravely in case of problems. I believe there will be no problems between you. It is also possible to develop a relationship during the trip!
  • Wealth: if you work hard like this, you will naturally accumulate a lot of wealth. It can be said that there is a way to make money! You can consider investing in funds and stocks. Just think twice before you make a decision. Don't be impulsive!
  • Career: you can develop in tourism, be a tour guide, or be a teacher, or be a researcher in an institution. It is also very suitable for you. These jobs can enrich your life!
  • Health: as you march forward bravely, don't forget to have a moderate rest to give your body a chance to breathe. It is suggested to exercise your physical fitness by jogging and ball games!

Inverse meaning

  • A surprise.
  • The progress of things was interrupted.
  • Xuanhua, noisy scene.
  • Opinions diverge.
  • Emotional breakdown.

The reversed Scepter knight may be too enthusiastic, become impulsive, go in the wrong direction, or overdo it without knowing what he is doing. If you forget to evaluate whether the current action is consistent with the goal, you may end up with a drift. If you do something wrong, you don't know. In addition, it is also possible that the power of fire is reduced, the action power is weakened, the target loses interest, and wants to change the runway for more fun and excitement. Poor skills are not ready to do, or they may just rely on a passion, but they are courageous and reckless.

The reversed Scepter Knight also represents a delay in action or interruption of plans, insufficient persistence, or impatience. To a certain extent, the reverse Scepter knight has a strong reason that the thinking is not detailed enough and the plan is too rough, resulting in the impossibility of implementation and the failure to achieve the goal. On the other hand, from the implication, the reverse Scepter knight has some impatience and reaction caused by too much energy, or lack of patience, and some thinking can not catch up with action because of too strong action. To some extent, it is an action without plan or plan.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: your relationship is in crisis because you are unwilling to make any commitment. This is not a responsible attitude! Learn to be brave and make a commitment will make both sides cherish each other more!
  • Wealth: the same old saying “ Think before you leap ”, It is suggested that the financial management work can be entrusted to experienced managers. At this stage, you can invest in funds. As for real estate investment, let's talk about it later!
  • Career: lack of thinking is easy to interrupt your action or plan. When you encounter an uncoordinated situation, you are easy to lose patience. It is suggested that you should think more carefully when you plan again, so as to turn conflict into help and win a sense of achievement in your work!
  • Health: good health. Having a correct and responsible attitude can promote physical health. It is also important to maintain a normal daily routine. Proper exercise is also very important!