Holy Grail seven

Holy Grail seven


Fickleness and reneging on promises. Beware of overly optimistic friends or uninformed acquaintances.

Deck interpretation

Seven of the seven Holy Grails are floating in the air. The sky is shrouded in clouds. The cups contain Castle (a symbol of adventure), jewelry (wealth), Laurel (victory), Dragon (fear, another word is temptation), head, people covered with cloth (themselves) and snakes (wisdom, another word is jealousy). Please note that there is an inconspicuous skull at the bottom of the laurel, symbolizing the coexistence of success and death, which seems to give people some vigilance. The man in the picture looks at the seven Holy Grails floating on the cloud, looking helpless. He is sighing for the loss, he is crying for the spilled milk. In addition, these things placed on the clouds also symbolize the existence of a castle in the air, which is just a man's daydream. In addition, men face the seven Holy Grails, which also means a choice.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Holy Grail seven represents the existence of unrealistic and filthy things. In addition, when we see the Holy Grail seven, it also means that a strict and orderly system has been broken, which will release great energy and have many choices. If you live in disorder, you should immediately adjust your life state after seeing this card. You should know that the life of the system is given by rules. If you go to the extreme, it will evolve into harmful indulgence, indulgence and decadence as described in the figure.

Positive meaning

  • An unrealistic attitude toward life.
  • Capricious and capricious.
  • Unrealistic, fantasy success.
  • Daydreamers.
  • Resort to fraudulent means.

The scene of Holy Grail seven is quite special. It seems that it is difficult to have a similar scene in real life, because Holy Grail seven is a dream card, which describes the scene in the dream. For the imagination of various erotic desires, such as money, jewelry, fame, glory, sex, real estate, etc., various inner desires can not be satisfied and suppressed in the real world, but leak out in the dream at night. In the face of all kinds of desires, the person in the picture seems intoxicated in the face of these brilliant desires, and is also attracted by these in front of him. Although it is called a card of dream, the status of this card often appears in the real world. The case seems to be indulged in illusion, thinking all things beautiful and decoupling from reality. It is not true.

The Holy Grail seven appears in the relationship. The information between the two sides is not equal. Many things are fantasized by themselves. They do not have a deep understanding of each other, or even just plain fate. At work, I don't know what the current situation is. I think everything will be as beautiful as I imagined.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: it implies that when the two sides reach a certain stage of stable emotional growth, they begin to understand that both sides should stop and think about whether their attitudes and ideas towards each other should be adjusted and communicated and improved. The appearance of this card also implies that I have clearly mastered my needs and corrections in this relationship, and started a series of actions to make this relationship better.
  • Wealth: you must understand your needs and desires before you can know how to meet them, so your wealth is in your heart.
  • Career: it represents that you have stopped in a series of efforts and began to think about whether you have any deficiencies in your current workplace. It is a period of rest. To some extent, the appearance of this card represents the sense of burnout generated by your current workplace life and makes you want to stop.
  • Appearance: a bit of a philosopher! Because you think more and see more!
  • Health: you know that without a healthy heart, your actions will become repetitive and even make mistakes. All health starts from your heart.

Inverse meaning

  • Determined and decisive.
  • Have a strong will and can stand the test of hardships.
  • Objectives to be achieved in the near future.
  • A wise choice.

The reversed Holy Grail 7 wakes up from a dream, perhaps sees the reality clearly, accepts the facts, or finally finds that everything is just his own illusion, or finally finds that what he is waiting for is not imaginary, the disillusionment of the illusion, and his thoughts are disordered. The reversed Holy Grail seven implies that you are dissatisfied with the material level, and you are constantly pursuing people, things and things on the material level, and constantly trying to squeeze your pursuit on the material level bit by bit. Although the warning light at the spiritual level is trying to let oneself know that the unknown danger is about to happen, his dissatisfaction has strongly covered up this weak warning signal, and kept telling himself that he is lack of the material level and wants to continue to rush forward in the material level.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: Although the current relationship between the two sides has been moving forward at a fairly stable speed, they do not face up to some problems and obstacles in the existing relationship. It can also be said that the two sides feel stable in the external relationship mode, but there may have been many problems in each other's soul. When the problems slowly expand, they will affect the interaction between the two sides and begin to hinder the growth of the relationship.
  • Wealth: you may completely pursue money and ignore your spiritual needs. You should think about “ Making money and spending money ” Philosophy of.
  • Career: it means that you are working hard in the workplace. Besides making money, you are also making money. You are also very down-to-earth, but you are squeezing yourself too much, because to some extent. The reversed Holy Grail seven also represents that he is currently holding several positions, and there are slowly unbearable situations.
  • Appearance: it should be a very dignified person! Looks like a leader!
  • Health: you should pay more attention to your body, because you may have been chasing money without exercise. You should know that not only material matters, but also mind.