Holy Grail ten

Holy Grail ten


Family happiness may lead to unexpected success and good news.

Deck interpretation

This is a happy family. The husband and wife hug each other and raise one hand to welcome the Holy Grail and rainbow that symbolize a better life. The two children are playing happily. In the distance is their home, which is a warm and moving picture. This card mainly represents groups associated with feelings, such as families, associations, companies, several close friends, etc. The Holy Grail ten refers to personal maturity and satisfaction. This card shows happiness and satisfaction in interpersonal relationships.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Holy Grail 10 represents joy, joy, satisfaction and sharing. To some extent, it is a feeling of having fun together, sharing joy together, or feeling joy because of the results of cooperation, or a happy friendship generated through the interaction and coexistence between friends. On the other hand, it means a feeling of being well adapted to the current environment, Or the hint that they don't give up the opportunities around them easily, and whether these opportunities are useful to themselves or not, they will seize them tightly. It can be said that they have a lot of choices, or they don't know how to make the right choices.

Positive meaning

  • Peace of mind and good mood.
  • I feel satisfied that my present happiness is real.
  • Have a happy family or a harmonious working environment.
  • Love makes you happy.

Holy Grail 10 mainly represents groups with emotional connections, such as families, associations, classes with good feelings, several close friends, good parent-child relations, cooperative relations and alliance relations. In this process, we can get full emotional communication and support, just like the strength behind us. We know that we are not alone.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: each other is quite satisfied with the development of this relationship, and they trust each other. The sense of security generated by this kind of trust gives both sides a lot of flexibility and space. Such space and flexibility allow both sides to have opportunities for growth, and the relationship also has great potential for growth.
  • Wealth: so you will get the greatest return for everything you pay, not only the material wealth, but also the spiritual wealth
  • Career: it represents the progress or success in the field of one's own work because of the help of colleagues, and the full understanding of the importance of cooperation for such reasons. From the perspective of self owned companies or individual studios, it represents the opportunity to cooperate with peers or an opportunity to succeed because of cooperation.
  • Appearance: you are probably the kind of “ Killer ” Come on!
  • Health: your health status has reached its peak. Your usual maintenance has taken effect at this time. In addition, your mentality is very healthy. 100 points!

Inverse meaning

  • I feel insecure in my heart and live in a restless mood all day.
  • Loss of friendship, or loss of an effective partner in the business.
  • Domestic violence is around you.
  • Interpersonal relationships are not harmonious and antagonistic.

The reversed Holy Grail 10 has misunderstandings in relation and cracks in the group. If it is not repaired in time, it may lead to division, rupture, discord, conflict, etc. while the falling Holy Grail and the Disappearing Rainbow also have a low tide. The relationship is not so happy, and there is no hope for the future. In the reverse Holy Grail 10, my team's definition of cooperation or mutual help is not clear, or I isolate myself, and some good opportunities are lost. In some general hints, it represents that I have set a great limit, or a variety of restrictions, which makes me unable to exert myself. At the same time, my ability is also limited.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: the interaction between the two sides has changed, and one party may want to withdraw because of his uncertainty about himself. It is a bit similar to one party who is slowly stopping his feelings and letting the other party push and pull. There is no possibility of getting up.
  • Wealth: you think nothing can satisfy you, because your heart is unhappy. What is the use of more money? Make yourself happy!
  • Career: I have isolated myself from my colleagues in the workplace, somewhat isolated my own actions, and limited myself at the same time. From the perspective of my own company or personal studio, such actions may hinder my development, and may also show signs of retrogression.
  • Appearance: it makes people feel lonely and unhappy.
  • Health: you may have to pay more attention to your health. It may be very good at ordinary times, but you'd better go for a health check-up when you have time.