Holy Grail V

Holy Grail V


Baseless, envious, lack of decisiveness misses big things and shirks responsibility.

Deck interpretation

Under the dark sky, a man in a black cloak bowed his head to mourn the three fallen cups in front of him In front of him, there was a bridge leading to a distant village on the river, indicating that he had the opportunity to choose another life state. Three cups fell in front of me, and two cups stood behind me. If he doesn't turn around, he will never find out. He will always think that he is alone However, hope lies behind disappointment. He picks up two standing cups and crosses the bridge. Life will start again; Otherwise, life will always be so painful.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The Holy Grail 5 card easily makes people feel that it is a card that implies sadness, pain, unhappiness, loss or helplessness. This is because they pay too much attention to those lost people, things and things that they have no time to master, and let themselves into a situation of sadness, disappointment and self blame. However, in the actual situation, they are not the only ones that have been lost, We need to pay attention to and understand the reasons for what we can't master. There are still many people, things and things that have not been lost and can still be mastered. However, to a certain extent, the card of Holy Grail 5 represents that we are in trouble. Although we are trying to find a way out, we can't do it because we can't help ourselves effectively, At this time, there were some external assistance to help them out of this environment, but they were rejected by their inexplicable arrogance.


Grail five represents a sad and painful situation, and also indicates the possible beginning of an alternative life.

Positive meaning

  • The feeling of regret sank, living in a hopeless pain.
  • Partial damage leads to doubt about the correctness of the whole.
  • There is a defect.
  • Meaningless communication.
  • Have a deep sense of disillusionment, start or have doubts about life and life.

The appearance of Holy Grail 5 implies that the party concerned should have the courage to give up and start a new pursuit. As the time for change has come, it seems useless to look back on the past pain, so we must seek spiritual sustenance. Compared with baojiansan, both of them are sad. Baojiansan is an inward emotion and has an idea of self injury (for example, I am not good, I am wrong...), However, Holy Grail 5 tends to evaluate the external factors, for example, it pushes the cause to fate and others, thinks that the development of things is a trick of fate and the other party, and thinks that he has no choice and that the things are not caused by him. The former is the third sword because he has undertaken too many responsibilities, while the latter is the fifth Holy Grail because he has investigated the external causes of responsibility and immersed himself in a sense of hopelessness.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: at present, I am constantly letting the wounds of the past be hurt again, or let myself live in the unpleasant and sad feelings of the past. This card also represents that at present, both parties have a very strong sense of uncertainty about the future of this relationship, and begin to make a high degree of scrutiny. They review each other's problems in this relationship, but they have not thought about or planned a new path.
  • Wealth: maybe you are worried about the money you lost before. I suggest you be more open-minded and earn it again!
  • Career: you have a sense of loss in your work. You are very dissatisfied with your current performance. You feel that the sense of stability and familiarity has left you. When you get out of your sadness, you will find that there are still many opportunities waiting for you.
  • Appearance: it may look gloomy, so that others dare not get close to you!
  • Health: after experiencing a loss, when the pain and sadness gradually subside, the body can also get relief from it, so release yourself from the past!

Inverse meaning

  • When old friends come back, the beauty of the past will return to life.
  • The old fate has been renewed, or refers to the reunion of husband and wife.
  • Make a comeback and regain confidence in life.
  • Form a new alliance.

The reverse Holy Grail 5 suggests that the party may have adjusted well and gradually come out of the sad mood, or the party turns around and finds that he does not have nothing. There are still many places that make him happy. Gradually, his heart is relieved and he is no longer so sad. To some extent, the reverse Holy Grail 5 represents giving up everything in the past and the present, looking for a new way, or mastering the current ownership, and slowly expanding the current ownership. It can also be said that there is a little determination to break the cauldron and sink the boat.

There is another situation in the reverse Holy Grail 5. It is possible that the party concerned is unwilling to come out and becomes more sad. It is also possible that the bridge is broken when the reverse position occurs, and the party concerned cannot obtain the support of others in the social environment, or there is no one around to comfort, so the situation of sadness and loss is even more serious.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: it can be seen that both parties have found a solution to the problem while reviewing the past, present and future of this relationship, and are willing to work together to improve and solve the problem. On the other hand, the reverse Holy Grail V represents that both sides are ready to give up the old and impractical commitment and re-establish a new commitment in line with the current situation, which is a good result of mutual interaction and communication.
  • Wealth: if you lose a lot of money and have no regrets, you are determined to make money again. This is a good change. Come on!
  • Career: you have been able to rebuild your self-confidence from your failed job in the past. You have decided to overcome this obstacle and rebuild another peak in your career! Because I have figured it out, I am more willing to master the current situation. As far as the above class members are concerned, the idea that they want to change their jobs is gone. The idea and action of staying in their current position and working hard is just the present progressive style. For self-supporting companies and individual studios, it means that although there is a lack of past experience to some extent, they can understand that it is all over and begin to work hard to make the existing business better.
  • Appearance: he is an optimist. He always smiles every day. Everyone is happy.
  • Health: your condition should also gradually become stable. If you were not willing to receive treatment, you have now decided to take a look.