Holy Grail VIII

Holy Grail VIII


Pleasant company and good friendship, parties and planned celebrations.

Deck interpretation

On a bright moon night, a man in red left the eight Holy Grails he had painstakingly built with a stick. The surrounding marshes symbolize the silted up emotion. He left because he found a gap in the cup. So, in order to find a cup, he abandoned the eight cups that had been built behind him. He could have taken eight cups to look for that one, but he didn't. He wears red clothes and shoes, which symbolizes his power of action. The central theme of this card can be seen from the picture “ Discard ”. The lack of one of the eight cups symbolizes that everything has its drawbacks. Those who are not satisfied with this will continue to pursue. It can be seen that the eighth grail also represents a certain spirit of sacrifice.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Holy Grail 8 implies that your efforts have created the current results, and you are satisfied with everything at present, but you will not be intoxicated in such a situation, because you know that the current situation may be short-lived, or you may not be able to effectively master it through your current strength, so you need to do self-development actions or make breakthroughs in the current situation, Let yourself master the goal more effectively or get more. To a certain extent, the appearance of Holy Grail 8 also represents the power of action. After careful thinking and planning, you confirm your goals and immediately start to take action. Such actions are self-confident, ambitious and immediate.

Positive meaning

  • To give up a plan or give up halfway means to do everything without perseverance and patience.
  • Have a serious suspicion.
  • Weak and powerless.
  • Love has become reason.
  • Stop trying.

Holy Grail 8 represents the result of a person's rejection of something. No matter whether the result of this thing is happy or sad, Holy Grail 8 appears in the relationship. Although there is dissatisfaction with emotion, it is stable, but it always feels that it needs a little emotional stimulation to seek some joy. The Holy Grail eight appears in the work. I don't have much thought about my work. My heart is elsewhere. The Holy Grail missing in the picture may also represent a half way failure in my work.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: you get the hint that you are deepening your commitment to each other. The original commitment has been achieved, and through a series of interactions, you understand the shortcomings of the existing commitment, and begin to find the rules for the new commitment. On the other hand, it represents that both parties have worked hard to manage this relationship, and have achieved a small goal so far, It is time to start discussing how to pay and carry out the journey.
  • Wealth: you know that no matter how much wealth you have, your heart is empty and useless. Therefore, the wealth of your heart is the most important.
  • Career: it is expected to get the current results. While enjoying and meeting the current situation, we will continue to maintain our power to move forward, and strive to break through the current small scope, so that we can walk more stably on the new journey. On the other hand, it means that we have grasped a new opportunity and strive to move towards it.
  • Appearance: you make people feel very comfortable and friendly!
  • Health: your health should be very good, because you won't leave your body alone. You think that the best thing is to have a good body and mind.

Inverse meaning

  • A new relationship will come, or life will turn around.
  • Festive events continue.
  • There are invitations to dances or banquets.
  • In the process of hard struggle.

Contrary to the Holy Grail 8, the party may have really left here to find what he wants, or has found a better one, so he has left the original environmental relationship. On the other hand, the party may hesitate to contact, hesitate, continue to exist in a careless, satisfactory and acceptable environment, and cannot leave without leaving.

However, in the Holy Grail eight in the reverse position, you can obviously feel that you are enjoying the current achievements and trying to maintain the current situation. Although it seems good, it means that your motivation to move forward has been lost, and your planning for the future has stopped. You are only willing to stay in the current situation, because your previous efforts and struggles have polished off your ambition, What remains is a sense of uncertainty and insecurity about the future. To some extent, the reverse position of the Holy Grail 8 also represents that the time to move forward has not yet come. It may be the relationship between the surrounding environment or the influence of oneself, which has caused my restless heart and action to stop and let me practice in the current environment for a longer period of time.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: it means that both parties are intoxicated in the current situation, and no one is willing to break this feeling, because both parties have been used to this kind of love life. If they make changes, they will cause some problems to each other. However, it also means that both parties have a very negative attitude towards the current relationship, which is not motivated, and the resulting problems will not be solved.
  • Fortune: you can't make a lot of money if you are so moody! I suggest you find out what you want first, and don't be aimless.
  • Career: for ordinary office workers, we can't say good things, but we can't say bad things, because what they need most is to stabilize in the current workplace and not be half hearted. This kind of requirement is given by the reverse Holy Grail eight, but it is not good from the perspective of their own Entrepreneurship and companies, because they just stop the growth of the company in the current situation, It may also make the performance of the company worse.
  • Appearance: it seems that everything is in a mess now!
  • Health: don't tie yourself to death. Your body can't stand it. For the sake of your body, don't force yourself to do what you don't want to do!