Scepter ten

Scepter ten

Deck interpretation

The man in red is walking forward with ten scepters in his arms. There are green trees and houses ahead, representing the destination and victory. However, the man is very tired. His waist is bent and he can hardly walk, which indicates that he has been under great pressure, which has exceeded his load capacity. But why? Is it due to a strong sense of responsibility, or is it due to lack of deliberation and recklessness? He may not have to work so hard, but anyway, he has carried all this on for a long time. Despite such difficulties, the man will never give up. His red clothes symbolize his inner enthusiasm and efforts. His goal is about to arrive and his hope is ahead.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The staff ten has a strong heavy and overloaded hint. The person in the card is trying his best to keep the ten scepters, but because of his limited strength, he can't master the ten scepters very well, and he is overwhelmed by the ten scepters. Because of the relationship of these ten scepters, my front is blocked, and the journey to success is far away. In some cases, the appearance of this card means that you should carefully examine whether you can grasp the current situation, and if not, whether you should give up something to make yourself more efficient towards the end of success. But this card also means that there are many obstacles created by myself, because I am too eager to succeed and seize many things beyond my ability to make myself unable to afford.

Positive meaning

  • I have a strong belief, a strong sense of responsibility, and I have worked hard.
  • Because they don't know how to refuse, they bear too much burden.
  • Feel stressed and emotional.
  • Excessive fatigue and tiredness.
  • Pressure to succeed.

Scepter 10 is a phenomenon of concentration of affairs, which requires not only hard work and labor, but also responsibility and pressure, indicating excessive responsibilities and excessive burdens. This pattern is “ Work hard ” The party concerned is working hard and bending down under the weight of the objects he holds, looking tired and exhausted. This card means too much pressure. Perhaps it means paying a high price to get power and position, but being oppressed by responsibilities. Or because of the real environment and the need to work hard to keep the family, they had to work hard, just like the picture, hoping to send their income home as soon as possible. Although the current state can be maintained, the next step may be overwhelmed. This is a card of hard life, which represents hard life and labor.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this Scepter stands upright, the expression of love is that you want to take more responsibility for the other party, but this is not a pragmatic idea, because you want to take more responsibility for yourself before you consider it thoroughly.
  • Wealth: when this scepter is upright, you often bear many financial responsibilities, but you will stop some unnecessary responsibilities. Therefore, money always comes and goes around without stopping.
  • Career: when this Scepter stands for ten, it means that you often can't trust others. You always feel that you have a heavy responsibility. I am the only one who can do it well, and often make yourself very tired.
  • Appearance: your appearance gives people a tired feeling, as if you haven't rested for a long time.
  • Health: when this scepter is upright, in the health algorithm, this card indicates that your back and shoulders are often uncomfortable due to tension and pressure.

Inverse meaning

  • Unbearable pressure, about to collapse.
  • There is no way to continue to meet and lay down the burden.
  • Suffer losses.
  • Evade responsibility, avoid other people's words.
  • Dishonest, sow dissension.

The reversed Scepter 10 fell down. The scepter was scattered on the ground. It was too tired to bear any more. It lost its original balance and fell to the ground. It may also be that the group broke up and dissolved. From the perspective of the reverse Scepter 10, it is also because I overestimate my ability that I have some situations that I can't afford. However, it is much less than the positive Scepter 10, because the reverse Scepter 10 has the meaning of finding out and improving problems in some difficulties, and because I know that my ability is there, I won't be as uncontrollable as the positive Scepter 10, On the other hand, the reversed Scepter ten represents that you have a lot of room to readjust your pace, and face the current situation and the past right and wrong, to change the perspective and content of planning to adjust the future results.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when there is this reverse Scepter ten, you in love will always ignore your emotional problems because you are too busy with your career. Pay attention!
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter 10 appears, you are good at opening up new sources of income because you love new challenges, but you will not save money, which is the reason why you are not rich.
  • Career: when this reverse Scepter appears, you are a complete workaholic at work. You like to accept new challenges, but you forget to solve some existing problems. Pay attention!
  • Appearance: your appearance feels like a " I must conquer you " The domineering presence of.
  • Health: when this reverse Scepter ten appears, it indicates that your health is always worrying others! Because you are always busy with your work and neglect to take good care of your body.