Complete collection of tarot card array -- Diamond speculation

Scope of application

This card array is similar to the Holy Trinity divination, which is to explain the past, present and future of the problem. It applies to long and short questions, such as can I … Will &hellip Do you want to &hellip And other topics requiring clear results. Different from the Holy Trinity divination, its current situation is comprehensively explained by two cards, so it can more fully reflect the current situation of the inquirer.

Pendulum method

  • First, follow the general shuffle and cut procedures. Then, hold the card in your left hand and spread it out in a fan. Remember, the end held by the left hand must be the end facing down after cutting the card.
  • Ask the questioner to draw one card at will and put it at the position (1) in the figure.
  • Repeat the above action three times, and put the three cards drawn out in the positions (2) to (4) in sequence.
  • Open them in sequence and begin to interpret them.

Memorial tablet implication

  • (1) It represents the past.
  • (2) And (3) represent the current situation of the problem, and these two cards need to be comprehensively explained.
  • (4) Represents the final result of the problem.