Complete collection of tarot card array -- key unfolding method

Tarot card is a kind of divination originating from the West. Now many young people like this kind of divination game and will use it to predict marriage or career. Although it is a game, tarot cards have a lot of stress compared with other fortune telling games, such as the card array, the tester's mind and so on. This paper introduces a card array in Tarot Card divination &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Key deployment method ”. This card array mainly answers general questions about the future.

Licensing method:

The questioner divided the big Akana into two groups and chose one group by intuition “ Active ” Cards and a set “ Passive ” Cards. The dealer takes 3 cards (No. 1-3) from the active cards and 4 cards (No. 4-7) from the passive cards, then recombines the cards, and the inquirer takes the 8th card, and then places the 8 cards in the position shown in the above figure. The dealer will interpret according to his intuition. When interpreting, he should remember that each position in the arrangement represents a certain aspect of the answer.

  • The situation of the questioner in his questions;
  • A smooth environment and circumstances;
  • A person who will give help to the inquirer;
  • Representing the past;
  • Represents recent events;
  • Table adverse conditions;
  • Those who will oppose him;
  • This card is the key, the answer and future of divination.