Complete collection of tarot card array -- Venus conjecture

Venus conjecture is a card array for divining love. This card array can not only accurately reflect the current situation of the two lovers, but also predict the possible changes of the two lovers in the future. Compared with other card arrays about love, Venus' conjecture is more complicated, and the description of love is more detailed. This card array is suitable for love that has just established a relationship, but some ambiguous love is not suitable for secret love.

1、 Pendulum method

Venus is the Western God of love. It is said that she lives on Venus. In the west, the symbol of Venus is ♀, Therefore, the formation of Venus conjecture also takes such a shape. Venus card array does not use cut cards or signs, nor does it use big Akana cards. It only uses 56 small Akana cards for divination. After shuffling and cutting, randomly select 8 cards and place them on the 1-8 memorial tablets shown in the above figure.

2、 Meaning of memorial tablet

  • The representative asked the parties' views on the issue
  • On behalf of the other side of love's attitude towards the diviner
  • The representative inquires about the influence of the parties on each other
  • Influence of representing the other party on the parties concerned
  • Represent some obstacles between the two parties
  • Represents the outcome between the parties
  • Represents the future situation of the inquirer
  • Represent each other's future situation

3、 Unwinding sequence

Here, the order of cards is not completely in accordance with the order of cards drawn. The order of the first four cards is the same as that of the draw, then explain the seventh and eighth cards, and finally explain the fifth and sixth cards. After all the eight cards have been explained, all the information will be integrated and suggestions will be made to the diviner.

Note: the first four cards of Venus conjecture will affect the fifth card, and the fifth card will affect the sixth card.