Collection of tarot card array - Sunflower expansion method

This kind of Tarot Card speculation method is very simple, and is usually suitable for answering a non-specific question. First, the inquirer shuffles the cards. When it is confirmed that he has finished the shuffle, let him cut the cards with his left hand (if he is left-handed, use his right hand). Next, take the cards and arrange them as shown in the above figure:

  • The characteristics of the representative inquirer are related to the questions he wants to answer;
  • Represents the hidden reason;
  • Representation opportunities;
  • Represent the challenge that the questioner must accept in order to get the answer;
  • Represent problems that must be planned in the future;
  • It is the burden that must be borne to find the answer;
  • A task to which the representative is committed;
  • Give a new point of view to the problem;
  • Represents the solution to the problem.