Complete collection of tarot card array -- mirror image expansion method

The image expansion method is to speculate on a specific problem. It is especially useful when you decide to take an action and want to know when the consequences of that action will be.

1、 Scope of application

Asking for information ---- love, friendship, study and career

2、 Applicable brand type

22 large Akana, 56 small Akana and 78 tarot cards. (if you are a beginner, it is recommended to use only the big Akana card to perform divination. Because the number of cards used is relatively small, it is easy to remember the meaning of the card. After you are familiar with it, you can add the small Akana card.)

2、 Pendulum method

  • After washing the cards, put all the cards back up, spread them out in a fan and hold them with your left hand. Note: the hand-held end must be the downward end just after cutting the card!
  • Ask the questioner to draw a card and give it to you. Put the card in the center of the table, turn it from left to right, and put it in “ 0” Location of.
  • Then continue to ask the questioner to draw nine cards. Place the selected cards in “ 1” To “ 9” Location of. However, none of the nine cards can be opened first& ldquo; 1” The position card should cover the “ 0” The position of the first card.
  • Now open all nine cards, and start to interpret after judgment.

3、 Memorial tablet implication

  • “ 0” Is the key to solving the problem.
  • “ 1” Refers to the current situation of the inquirer.
  • “ 2” A characteristic that represents the mental state or thinking of a questioner.
  • “ 3” Represents the emotional and emotional status of the inquirer.
  • “ 4” Is a possible accident.
  • “ 5” It is the situation of the inquirer in the next two or three months.
  • “ 6” Represent the thoughts and actions of others.
  • “ 7” Is not yet considered.
  • “ 8” Represents the results of actions taken.
  • “ 9” It refers to the final outcome.